These are the lines of depressed and grieving parents, who unknowingly added to the pressures on their little girl

  • Pressures about choosing a good career
  • ‘What would our relatives say’ pressure
  • Pressure about getting the good marks in every subject
  • Pressure to behave like a good girl/boy every freaking time and so on….


The pressures we set on our kids are innumerable in nature nowadays and as a result, the kids either find themselves in the depression land or even worse, quit on life! Such cases are not rare, rather more common than we think.

According to a study, “ The kids are facing a lot more pressure than they could handle at such tender age and nearly 30% are under stress”. This stress can change into depression in no time. Let’s think it like that,

“If Filmstar Amitabh Bachchan’s parents have forced him to be a poet like his father, then he would have failed miserably, sulking all his life for acting!”

Same is the case with any legend in his/her field, be it Steve Jobs or Neil Armstrong, they did what they loved and the results are in front of us!

Here, we are going to enlist some of the symptoms of depression in the kids and parents-not-to-do checklist in the end. Please make sure you have checked every box out!

So here are the symptoms of stress & depression in kids :

1. Loss of Interest

We are not talking about the loss of interest in studies only (as only a few gifted children have interest in studies after getting introduced to the gadgets of our tech world) but the general loss of interest in every activity, be it playing, talking, reading, coloring etc.


2. Quieter they become

Suddenly you will notice a peaceful environment at home, your chatterbox is showing some weak battery signs or not speaking at all. The kid doesn’t get cheered-up easily and quickly. He/she is just answering the questions asked and even passing most of them without answering or nodding.


3. Food Fails

The loss of appetite is a major symptom of stress in a kid. Very few choose to stress eat like we do. Most of them are just not interested in their favorite brownies, cakes or noodles.


4. Avoiding Everyone

Due to the feeling of disapproval by the society, the kids start avoiding the relatives, your friends, and even their friends at times. They just seek their comfort zone, their bed & TV in most stressed cases or just their room in the depressed ones.


5. General Irritation or bursting out on a petty issue

As he/she is confused about what’s going on with them, so this confusion starts building up and bursts out in the form of irritation, yelling, crying and even throwing things. In other words, you see your another baby that you haven’t seen before!

Don’t panic if you are seeing some of these symptoms in your kid too. We are giving you some ways to deal with it but first of all not-to-do checklist.

Here are the things that you should not do with your child:

  • Don’t compare your champ/princess with other kids.


  • Don’t yell at your kid in front of any guests or domestic help unless absolutely necessary. (It hurts their self-respect and they feel humiliated).


  • Don’t portray their father as someone with a cowboy hat and a gun! (Mothers make this mistake often. The funny part is that they think they are giving the child a figure to look up to and they rather end up feeling terrified thus distancing themselves from their father).


  • Don’t shut his/her questions by ignoring them or with half answers. (Kids are very smart, they will not trust you for gaining knowledge or sharing theirs).


  • Don’t boast about their marks/grades in public, relatives, and friends. (It will save them from a lot of pressure).


  • Don’t set the expectations too high for them (just motivate them to give their best without worrying. Standing first in the class is not a matter of life and death!)


  • Don’t discourage their interests ever! (unless your child wants to collect cigarette butts and used tissue papers, encourage whatever they are interested in. Be it coin collecting or writing stories….let their creativity flow…at it’s full pace!)


So, Are you able to check all these boxes without giving a second thought? If yes, then you are a great parent and if not, then you will be one very soon.

Just discuss this with your spouse and see your kid shining in the glory of your love. We would love to know what your kid’s interests are and any queries are also welcome.

Till then “ Children are like the clay and you are the mold, to give them a better shape, you need to become a better parent ”

Note: The remedies or exercises provided in this article are not a replacement for a medical advice. Please consult a healthcare professional before following the solutions.

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