I skipped my breakfast again! After all, who has the time to sit and eat in the busy morning hustle-bustle. To save my body & mind from the guilt of skipping a meal, i munched on some Roasted & Salted Almonds (they say benefits of almonds are innumerable) while staring at my computer screen. 

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Little did I know that the nutrition present in the almonds is going to give me ample energy till my lunch. I am not advocating to skip breakfast here!

I am trying to shed some light on these humble, light brown, homely dry-fruits and the amazing benefits they offer!

Benefits of Almonds


1. You start cutting the Cholesterol


There are good and bad cholesterol in our body, which are HDL (high density lipid) and LDL (low density lipid) respectively. Almonds reduce the bad cholesterol levels and improve the good cholesterol thereby preventing it from heart diseases.(1) So eat a handful of them and keep the bad cholesterol at bay.


2. You start ditching High Blood Sugar Levels

high fibre diet for diabetes

Almonds control the blood sugar levels postprandial, which means they work better as a snack than the first meal for diabetics. So whenever you want to have a snack, have a few almonds but don’t replace them with your meals (as I just did). As almonds are full of fiber and protein, they have less carbohydrates in them. This makes them an ideal snack for diabetic people.



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3. Those love Handles start melting away


Almonds, in spite of having good amount of fat in them help to lose weight. They help in losing weight by decreasing your desire to munch on those unhealthy snacks. As it improves the satiety which prevents hunger. So less craving, less eating, more weight loss! Ta da!


4. Easy delivery and no birth defect risks


This one makes almonds a winner over other nuts and home remedies. As most of them are advised not to be taken while you are pregnant, but these little fellows are there to stay even in those big belly days! The folic acid present in almonds helps in easy delivery and it also prevents any birth defects in the baby. Do ask your OBG about how much you should eat while you are expecting.



5. Your Blood Pressure comes within normal limits


As the almonds are high in potassium and low in sodium, they help in treating your high blood pressure. If you are a low BP patient, then almonds may not help you in that particular way. Coffee will come to your rescue then.


6. Your wrinkles start fading away and skin starts glowing


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The Anti-aging effect of almonds is because of loads of vitamin E in them. They also boost collagen under your skin which prevents any fine lines or wrinkles. Although, if you already have the wrinkles then you need to treat it as well, along with preventing them. This makes it the best food for models and celebrities to have a glowing skin and perfect body.




7. You hair start thickening and you experience less hair-fall


The protein and vitamin E in almonds is the main reason that they boosts hair growth. Which is why your mane will have amazing shine in them which no keratin treatment can provide. You see, you can’t replace the natural!

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8. You can concentrate better



Almonds are known as the memory boosters from ages. Your ability to concentrate improves. I just had 7 almonds, bring on the next assignment! 😉




9. Your immune system Improves considerably


The reason behind this change are the amazing antioxidants in the almonds. The antioxidants are anti-aging, they prevent cancer and any other inflammation in your body.


10. Your Hormones Start Getting Balanced


why do females manstruate

Almonds boost estrogen and testosterone levels indirectly in the body. The phytoestrogens present in them will help regulate your menstrual cycle and other hormone balancing acts in your body. They are good for males as well, as they increase the testosterone levels as well. Do you still need another good reason to eat almonds?



How to Eat Almonds to Reap its Benefits?


Raw, soaked, roasted, eat them the way you like. Just don’t remove their upper coating after soaking them, as this will remove the fiber from them. This lowers down their food value and also they won’t be able to help you in digestion! Also, moderation is the key, start with 7 almonds a day and you can go up to 14 per day.

How do you like your almonds best? Do tell us in the comment section below. (also don’t forget to share or pin the article for your friends n family) 🙂

Till then “Munch Healthy!”


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