Having a pooch at your home is like having a happiness mascot around! They are always happy, playful, love to grab your socks and run, crazy after food (especially the one which you are eating) and many more.

They make the environment so calm, happy and lite! What if, one day, they stop doing all this and you wonder, What has happened? There are chances that the dog may have got some physical problems which are making him/her rest more than usual, but there are good chances that the problem is mental!

Here are a few signs which have been found to be related to the depression of dogs in the research studies :

1. Loss of interest in Playing

Remember the time, when your fur baby takes his favorite toys in his mouth, drops it and barks at you to throw it! You can’t help but notice whenever he/she stops doing the same. Even if you try to play with them, they don’t hold the interest for longer than 2 to 5 minutes. Know that something is wrong or the toy is too old.

2. Whining without a reason

When he/she is lying down and whining without any reason. More like we human beings do, sit at some place near window and sulk. They do more or less the same, even if the window is not available.

3. Change in Appetite

Your canine’s cravings and love for food goes for a toss in most conditions. They lose interest in food and stay away from their favorite snacks even. They will eat some of them once in a while, but not like before.

Some dogs show excessive eating behavior, like us (like some of us devour the big ice cream bowl when a friend has given more importance to another person than us). Excessive eating is somewhat seen more in female dogs than the males.

4. Excessive paw licking

This is the normal-doggie-culture. They like their paws, in order to groom themselves and pass time. Some studies have shown that this soothes them, so they do this kind of behavior more, when depressed or bored or nervous.

5. Increase in Sleep duration

They sleep more than usual in order to avoid the world or escape from it. If you see these 5 major symptoms in your dog, I would advise you to take them to vet first, in order to rule out the physical disorders if any!

However, if your vet has given the clearance about the physical ailments. Then try to find the possible cause of the depression in your pooch.

Some of them are listed below :

  1. Moving from one place to another
  2. Somebody facing physical or mental illness in the family (they take this on themselves too, as they are real empaths!)
  3. Death of someone in the family or a dog-friend or spouse.
  4. New love interest (yes, being rejected in love or not able to meet up with the lover results in the same level of sadness, as in humans).
  5. Change in routine
  6. Feeling of loneliness
  7. As a result of the less attention given by the owner.

So these are just some reasons, (just to name a few). Try to find out the one that your dog may be having.

For treatment of depression in dogs, read this article here.

Till then

        “ Care for your little one who just says almost everything with just a wagging tail and a bark! ”

Note: The remedies or exercises provided in this article are not a replacement for a medical advice. Please consult a healthcare professional before following the solutions.

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