Depression in dogs is becoming as common as it is in human beings. They feel stressed too, and slowly the stress keeps digging in until it meets Depression! Know more about the sign, symptoms, and reasons of depression in dogs.

So if you are reading this article, then we are assuming that you already know or have an idea about your dog’s depression.

We will be discussing some of the at-home ways to take your canine out of depression, but if your pooch’s stage has become worse or these measures don’t work, then we would strongly recommend taking him/her to the veterinary doctor (don’t give your dog any medicines that you read from the internet).

Before you go to the vet, we suggest you try these methods first to see if any improvement occurs:


1. Play with them with a New Toy

This one is obvious, but they have more effect on the dog than you probably imagine. Buying a new toy for your fur baby will make him/her more excited than the old ones. The toys with music or sound are more effective in giving a stimulus to the brain.


2. Play some music

According to the study,  the dogs who listened to the music had normal heartbeats and are generally happy than the ones without any such treats. Music is a pure medicine and moreover, it’s like a blanket in the shivering cold weather. You will observe that your dog likes one track more than the other, keep changing the tracks and observe his/her reactions. Maybe your baby likes soothing music or a rock music fan!


3. Spend some more time with them

Spending some more time with your dog is the medicine which works without fail.

If you are too busy to spend time with your dog, then try to sit with them while working. For example, if you are reading, then sit on a yoga mat or a throw cushion, just next to where your dog is lying or near his/her bed, just keep your one hand on your buddy and keep reading. Your touch will heal your buddy’s depression faster than any other medicine. Don’t get surprised, if you find your pet lying in your lap all happy and jolly and panting with love when you finish reading!

4. Maintain your calm

Even if your pet is whining without any reason and is becoming fussy, just try to be patient and calm with them. Pat them, caress them and give instructions to cool down with a cool voice. Your strict and firm tone won’t do any good to your kiddo, so don’t even try that.


5. Water and Food

Even if your dog is not having food, then s/he will be drinking some water once in a while, then add 1/4th teaspoon of glucose (with your vet’s approval) so that s/he won’t get dehydrated. The glucose will give them energy too.

Try to make the food a little more interesting for them, try to play the airplane game with your pet and your pet will grab the food bite as if s/he has eaten the airplane. (just fly the food bite or the treat in the air near his mouth, there are chances that he would like to grab it). Keep trying, dogs are like humans, it’s just that they know how to love unconditionally and we don’t. Give love and care to your fur baby, so that s/he can again jump and play around like a ball of happiness.

One last thing, if the above measures fail (which is very unlikely though), then try to get him/her some company of another dog! You can just find him an evening walk friend maybe.

Wishing your pet a healthy and happy life!

Till then

“ Love your dog, because he loves you more than himself. Love has healing powers, let the magic begin!”

Note: The remedies or exercises provided in this article are not a replacement for a medical advice. Please consult a healthcare professional before following the solutions.

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