As said by famous Author Dr. Brian Weiss in his bestseller ‘Only Love is real’ that

“You are all part of one tree and one trunk. You can share experiences. You know each other, but those on your twig are the closest.”

So you and your spouse are on the same twig, one of the closest ones in this lifetime, make sure that you guys have a great time together, laughing, playing, crying and most importantly loving and learning together!

Here we are going to share 7 secrets of a great relationship, inspired and offered by some genius minds:

1. Love is the most Powerful

As they say, love is the most powerful energy in this whole world. It attracts more love, as said by Rhonda Byrne in her famous book Secret’. So no matter how old your relationship is and you know that your partner knows by heart that you love him/her the most.

Even then

“Express your love Everyday”

Whatever your way is

  • By saying it
  • By caring for him/her
  • By making his/her favorite food
  • By arranging a candle-light dinner in your backyard or just
  • Cuddling your partner while sleeping

Just ‘keep Loving’ because love is more the better, so ‘keep it coming’.


2. Don’t react too fast

When you come to know that he has bought something without telling you or she has made a plan with her friends without your information! Don’t react immediately!

Although you will be tempted to do so, but remember you won’t be able to take those words of hatred back! Give your partner a chance to explain themselves, they might be having a logical reason behind doing what they did! Even if they don’t, after all, it’s not that a big deal. Not as big as your relationship and harmony are.


3. Forgive Quickly

As said by the author in the same book (Only Love is Real)

“ We all have done those things for which we condemn others. If you want to be forgiven, you must forgive them. God forgives us. We should forgive too.”

So the next time, your spouse hurts you by saying something harsh but then realizes it and wants you to forgive him/her, then you should forgive your other half. It will save you from a lot of misery and sulk.


4. Understand the intention behind it

This one word ‘intention’ can make your life very easy. For example, if your husband comes late from office, he was working so he forgot to buy what you had asked him to. You have all the right to be mad at him, but stop and think

“What was his intention behind working up so late?”

Your answer will be “To make money for us”

Or if you are a real sulker and have trust issues then “To hurt me”.

When you will think deeper, you will come to know that, the intention was all good for you but just the things didn’t work out your way. You won’t be that mad after giving it just a thought about intention. Are you still sulking? Anyone??


5. Check Your Perspective

Let’s start this with a short story, Two women are talking to each other.

First woman – “my mother-in-law was very affectionate and she loved me so much. Whenever I used to come back from work, she used to make me sit with her and talk about how my whole day was. She was interested in each and every small and big detail about it.”

Second Woman – “Good”

The first woman – “ Yes, I used to feel very happy telling my all day’s happening to her.”

The second woman intervened – “ It’s all about perspective! You took it that way but nowadays the daughter-in-laws take it as ‘This lady is wasting my time, I am all tired and she wants details. Urghhhh… Maybe she is spying on me or she has trust issues’ and all such things.

The first woman just listened to her with open mouth and surprised eyes! See how a perspective changes the whole situation!

Now think twice, How’s your perspective doing?


6. Express Yourself

No matter, how well your life partner knows you, it’s impossible to know every single detail about your choice without telling it to them. Otherwise, you both will end-up eating the butterscotch flavor of ice-cream all your life, thinking that the other one likes it but you both hate it or the other way round!

Why are you sacrificing your happiness, when it was never needed in the first place.

Expressing your likes and dislikes, your opinion about the situation and the topics make you stand out as an individual. After all a happy you can only contribute to a happy relationship, but don’t be too rigid about your choices. (Having a butterscotch once in a while won’t harm anyone!).

7. Respect your Partner

Last but certainly not the least. Respecting your partner is very very important, maybe more important than loving him or her. Respect your spouse as an individual, respect their choices, their needs, knowledge, intelligence and sense of humor too!

Even if you think that you know everything better than him or her and s/he is just a baby! Even then, realize the fact that it’s their journey and it’s quite different from yours, even if it looks exactly the same. You both face a different set of challenges every day, in spite of being in the same set of surroundings.

Respect the food that your lady or your man has cooked for you, respect the emotion and effort behind it and not just the taste!

In the end, We would like to conclude that “Every relationship is different and so are its challenges.”


“Grab the hand of your other-half (because you are lucky that you have got one) and walk hand-in-hand on the beach of life, watching the waves of lows and highs, till the sun sets in peace!”

Note: The remedies or exercises provided in this article are not a replacement for a medical advice. Please consult a healthcare professional before following the solutions.

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