We all seek approval from our loved ones, our society, and even our friends because it is extremely important to us that a person should think of us as a ‘Good Human Being’. This constant necessity of being considered ‘GOOD’ is what takes a toll on us. So you think, you don’t do this?


Can you please double check yourself with the daily life examples given below. Do you do any such things?

For example:


  1. kid in school wants to stand first in the class, not because he wants to study well but because then, his parents will think that s/he is a ‘good’ kid!


  1. A teenage girl wants to look good, not because she would really want to, but because she wants to enter the popular group in her school and thus seek their approval.


  1. A grown-up guy seeks a good job and doesn’t have the courage to make his own singing band, because, he is afraid that his parents and relatives will find it stupid!


  1. wife, she makes more efforts than her than her capacity, like cooks 2 dishes, cleans home and works as well, not because she wants to, but because her husband will think that she is a perfect wife!


  1. An unhappy married couple is afraid of taking divorce because they think that the relatives won’t approve it, thus living together in a toxic relationship.


  1. gay or a lesbian person is not able to express their true sexual interests and orientation, as they are afraid that they will be considered as a taboo.


  1. An old man/woman has to live life alone after the demise of his/her partner because they think that remarrying at this age will make them a laughing stock in society.


The list is endless, these are just a few examples. There are a lot of ways we pretend as being a person which we are actually not!

We are not asking you to commit a crime, we are just asking you to find the courage to speak up for your happiness! You are here on this beautiful mother nature, who gives each & every person equal chance to be happy.

Whether you want to be a ‘Yogi’ or a ‘Film-star’, go ahead and muster the courage to pursue your dream, the one which makes you Happy!

Till then

               “ Don’t seek approval, Be yourself and live fully”

Sending lots of power and courage to you! 

Note: The remedies or exercises provided in this article are not a replacement for a medical advice. Please consult a healthcare professional before following the solutions.

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