Let’s start this with a super short story

There were reflective mirrors on the windows of a house, so the birds whenever they used to come, they saw themselves in the mirrors!

They got curious and did very funny things in the fascination of seeing themselves in the mirrors. But one day, a bird came and he thought that there is some other bird trapped inside. So being an empath, he started hitting the mirror with his beak so that he can break the glass and set the other bird free!

He didn’t give up, came again and again hitting the beak at the mirror and ended up being wounded at the beak but unable to get that bird out of there! You see, that’s what is called as a toxic relationship!

You try your level best (or maybe not best all the times) but in the end, you are wounded just talking to yourself, because the classic nature of a toxic relationship is that ‘Nobody Listens’!

It can be with anyone like

  • With either of your parent or maybe both of them’
  • With your spouse (most common)
  • With your girlfriend/boyfriend
  • With your siblings
  • Even with your so-called best friend!

Let’s explore the signs of a toxic relationship to get a clear idea:


Fewer Discussions & More Arguments

Arguments are mandatory in a relationship because where there are two heads, they try to rub it and hit each other as well! So it’s normal, but if whenever you talk, you argue. If this is the trend that is going on in your relationship, then my friend you better read the other signs as well.


You doubt the intentions of that person or vice versa

If you think that, your partner has done something just to hurt you and you don’t believe what s/he is saying. Then you have a good doubt about your partner’s intentions. You don’t trust that fellow anymore. If you believe the feeling that s/he can intentionally hurt you, then the relationship is already in ruins.


You lie to each other!

We all lie at one moment or the other. Some lies are meant to hide the surprise and others to hide the hatred! Make sure you are not lying for the second reason.

You sulk about this relationship – a lot.

We all have our down-times in our relationships, it’s pretty normal. But if this downtime is continuing, like forever then it’s not a good sign. Whenever you think about this relationship, it makes you sad. If this is the case, then you better get up and do something about it.


Fights are well ‘Ugly’

Whenever you two fight, you tell each-other the worst words you can ever speak or talk about! The most hurtful words that you have ever uttered in your life is to them! Then we would suggest you to either apologize and start improving yourselves or get the hell out of there!


It feels claustrophobic there

Either you are bottled-up or have a big mouth in these relationships. It feels like a misfit with that fellow, just like you don’t belong there like you want to run away from this.

Note: there are times when everyone is fed up with their life or relationship, so if you are feeling only this sign and not others, then please don’t bother because you feel stuck and you will be just fine!



Last but certainly not the least. In fact, it is the most important sign which needs no other sign to accompany itself to name a relationship as toxic. Whether it’s emotional abuse or physical, don’t bear it again and again!

Do yourself a favor and get out of that relationship as soon as possible. You will thank yourself for taking this decision. Just love yourself enough to refrain anyone from abusing you in any way whatsoever.

So, when a relationship becomes toxic, then it has two options :

  1. Work for betterment
  2. Get out of that relationship if point 1 doesn’t work

It will relieve both the partners in the end.

Till then

“ Praying for your Peace, Happiness, and togetherness (In that particular order).”

Note: The remedies or exercises provided in this article are not a replacement for a medical advice. Please consult a healthcare professional before following the solutions.

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