How to use natural indigo powder to get shiny black hair naturally!

at home hair color by using indigo powder

Grey hair in young or middle age is an embarrassment to deal with. Most of us end up applying those cheap (only a few buy the costlier versions of those at-home hair colors) chemical hair colors. They are said to be ammonia-free but they are definitely not chemical-free. The chemical-based hair dyes have increased the incidence of breast cancer in females, a recent study from NCBI   quotes.

Other than these horrifying study results, the chemicals present in the hair dyes are so harsh on your hair that after some time you can experience their side effects like Hair fall, Thinning of hair, and other scalp infections, etc. So, after a while, we will be dealing with grey hair which is falling at a faster pace than ever.

The solution is again, Nature!

Henna (Lawsonia Inermis) has always been the go-to at-home hair color for centuries but now we want something more than that ugly orange hair. So if you are ditching this amazing hair color just because of the orange color it gives, then we have the solution for you that will make your hair amazingly dark brown to black color.

It is Indigo Powder!

The powder is derived from the famous plant Indigofera Tinctoria’s leaves. It is 100% natural and it is used along with henna to darken the tones of its color.  The Indigo plant was used to color clothes blue in earlier times. It was also known as ‘black henna’.

How to make Indigo powder your go-to at-home hair color

There are two ways to use it, depending upon the kind of time and energy you can invest in your at-home hair color.

  1. Mix it with Your henna/Mehendi powder – If you use 4 tablespoons of henna powder then add 2 tablespoons of indigo powder to it. Mix with lukewarm water and keep it soaked overnight for best results (minimum of 45 minutes). After that apply it to your hair as you normally do with henna. Keep it for 2 to 4 hours and wash your hair afterward. Indigo powder gives a light to dark brown color when applied in this manner.
  2. Apply it solely – This method imparts the darker color but is more time-consuming. As you need to apply the henna paste first, wash your hair with just plain water. Once they are dry, apply indigo powder paste (mixed with lukewarm water and kept overnight or at least 45 minutes) thoroughly over the grey hair. You can apply it to the normal black hair as well as this gives an amazing shine to your hair too. Keep it for 2 to 4 hours and wash with plain water. This process of getting at-home hair color with indigo powder gives you dark brown to black color.

Things to Consider

  1. The more quantity you add of the indigo powder to the henna, the darker will be the color. Half indigo and half henna are the best combos.
  2. Always soak the indigo powder in warm water to get all the pigment out. This will ensure a better and darker hair color.
  3. You can add tea water or coffee water to your henna powder to have even better shades in your mane.
  4. Keeping the pack for overnight is not advised, as the henna can make your hair rough and dry.
  5. Don’t use shampoo for at least 24 to 48 hours after applying the paste. Whenever you wash your hair, use plain water. Some people use the conditioner to curb the dryness. If you are using a conditioner then ensure it is nature-based.
  6. The color will get darker in the first 2-3 days due to the natural oxidation process, so sit tight and enjoy your self-colored tresses.
  7. Applying coconut oil after 48 hours will lock the color in your hair and will make it last longer.

Which Indigo powder is the best?

Well, if you ask us planting an indigo plant will be the best choice. Just dry its leaves and make a powder and use it. This is the best solution if you have the luxury of time for it.

Other good options to buy the indigo powder vary with your budget, we have listed a few good brands:

  1. Kama Ayurveda Organic Indigo Powder 100 gms, INR 545
  2. Khadi Herbal Indigo powder 100 gms, INR 225
  3. Hennaveda Natural Indigo Powder 100 gms, INR 248
  4. ETHERIC Indigo Leaves Powder 100 gms, INR 175

So whatever your budget is, you can buy good quality indigo powder. Also, don’t forget to ask your local plant vendor for this indigo plant. They call it “Neel” in colloquial terms.

If you want to stop the grey hair entirely from the roots then read this article about the Ayurvedic remedy for stopping the grey hair growth and turning them into black again.

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