Acne treatment is a task in itself, when we win the battle over acne, we meet another devil, named as acne marks. Acne leaves the dark spots when it goes away and then begins the tryst with acne dark spots. Fortunately, after a lot of research in the old Ayurveda books, we have found the ultimate home remedies for removing the acne dark spots and marks forever!

We have chosen the best 6 remedies for acne dark spot removal treatment.

1. Black Pepper and Curd

Make black pepper powder, mix it with curd and massage your face or area with the acne spot, for about 10 minutes. Then wash with lukewarm water and apply aloe vera gel or sandalwood paste on it. This mask works best for the pale spots on your skin due to acne.

2. Amla/Indian Gooseberry Juice

This is one of the easiest, yet quite effective. As the vitamin C and B12 present in Amla along with a group of minerals work like a wonder to reduce and treat the acne marks and blemishes.  You just need a tablespoon juice of amla and rub it gently over the marks and let it stay for about 30 minutes. Be ready for a cleaner face!

3. Jamun/Black Plum Seeds

This humble Jamun fruit is not only good for regulating diabetes but it is also beneficial for removing your acne dark spots. Make the powder of the dried Jamun seeds (Jamun guthli powder) and mix it with water to get a paste-like consistency. Apply this as a face pack for about 20 minutes. Use twice a week.

4. Sesame Seeds and Amla

This shiny sesame seeds/Til are full of amazing benefits, but little did we know about their effects on acne marks! We are so excited to have found this one powerful face pack which even claims to treat the smallpox marks. Take one tablespoon of Sesame seeds (til) and 1 tablespoon chopped amla, grind them together while mixing some milk in it. Do it until you get a paste-like consistency. Massage it for good 15 minutes every alternate day and Wait for a miracle!

5. Red lentils/Masoor dal and milk

The Red lentils or Massor dal is the queen of the kitchen in terms of the beauty benefits.  Just mix the paste of these lentils in milk and apply it on your face for 20 minutes. Use it twice a week and say goodbye to the acne scars. You can soak the lentils overnight for a smoother paste.

6. Orange peels and Rosewater

Dry the orange peels in sun, grind them to make a fine powder. Mix 1 tablespoon of this powder with rosewater. Make a paste and apply it for 20 minutes. You can also mix it with lemon juice or amla juice to enhance the effect. Use it 2 to 3 times a week and be ready for a spot free skin!

We have another popular spot remover for you, though it is from today’s trend and not from the Ayurveda. 

Mix lemon juice, baking soda (half teaspoon each), add one tablespoon of honey. Apply for 20 minutes and remove. Apply aloe vera gel afterward. This remedy is also very popular in removing the dark spots by acne.

Note: Use one remedy for about a month and click before and after pictures of your affected area to know the real difference in the dark acne spots.

We would love to know which one becomes your favorite!

Note: It is advised to take professional advice before applying any remedy.

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