13 Best Indoor Plants to Hang in Baskets In Your Home

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Hanging baskets inside your home gives a sense of cool, helps in making the air cleaner and even add moisture to the dry air. As summer is coming, this is the best time to save those plants from scorching heat and make your home more summer-ready by using the best indoor plants to hang in baskets in your home.

So let’s get started! 

1. Wandering Jew

wandering jew plant in a basket hanging indoors
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Wandering jew is one of my favourites, due to many reasons, its unique colour, its ease of propagation and its ease of maintenance as well. It thrives on neglect (although I don’t advise you to neglect it we all know that life happens!). Also, you won’t get these beautiful purple and green shades of colour in other plants easily. It loves the sun but can’t handle the harsh sun too.

Why we love it – 

  • Easy to propagate
  • Beautiful colours
  • Hardy/ easy to maintain
  • Can survive in front of indirect light 
  • Its colours shine near a window! 

2. Boston Fern

boston fern plant hanging from a basket inside home
Source – Pinterest

Fern is a hero in cleaning the air and removing harmful chemicals from it. Any kind of light works great for it. Try to keep the soil moist as it will throw a tantrum when you don’t water it and it quickly comes to life when watered, it’s quite forgiving actually. 


Why we love it –

  • Air-purifier
  • Ornamental
  • Adds moisture to the air so great for people with dry cough, dry skin and throat infections


3. Lemon Balm

lemon balm hanging to a string of rope in a home
Source – Pinterest

Well, it’s always a dream to have an aromatic plant at home and lemon balm is not just aromatic, helps in cleaning the air, improves mood, and aids in stress reduction as well. Needs regular watering in summer and less watering in winter. Water only when the topsoil is dry. Having some indirect light or artificial light will be helpful. 

Why Lemon Balm – 

  • Aeromatic & Flavourful
  • Great to Make detox water
  • You can make herbal tea with it 
  • Add to mojitos for added flavour
  • Can make herb-infused oil too

4. Money Plant or Pothos

money plant or pothos on the top of an open cabinet
Source – Pinterest

Pothos never go out of fashion! It always looks great, is hardy, quite low maintenance, grows quickly, and is an air purifier too.

Why Money Plant or Pothos – 

  • Air Purifier
  • Ornamental 
  • Absorbs toxins
  • Does Not die on you easily 


5. Spider Plant 

spider plant hanging in a basket inside home
Source – Pinterest

Adds a different colour to the home than the usual dark greens, Easy to grow in indirect sunlight. Eliminates xylene & formaldehyde. 


Why Spider Plant – 


  • Purifies Air 
  • Adds a different colour inside the home
  • It is delightful to see it every time it grows more leaves
  • Small spider plants babies may hang on their leaves too! 


6. Geranium 

geraniums in a moss hanging basket in a patio
Source – Pinterest

Geraniums are great plants to hang in baskets indoors and can even flower in your home when placed near a source of light. Red flowers in geranium are eye-catching and elevate the look of your home almost immediately. 

Why we chose Geranium – 

  • Decorative due to its foliage and flowers
  • Its leaves are medicinal, especially for kidney diseases and stomach problems
  • Geranium oil is best for the skin, especially to calm the acne-prone sensitive skin


7. Impatiens

impatiens with flowers hanging in a home
Source – Pinterest

It can grow in low-light shady areas as well and looks beautiful because of its flowers.


Why you can choose Impatiens for Hanging Baskets – 

  • Ornamental due to beautiful flowers 
  • Different colours available
  • An essence made from impatiens flowers is known to calm your senses and release stress & frustration 


8. Succulents 

a succulent, string of pearls in a small planter held in hand
Source – Pinterest

Succulents are the best hard-to-kill plants and the range of hanging succulents available makes it an easy choice like a string of pearls, a string of bananas, brow succulents etc. 

Why choose Succulents – 

  • Need less water
  • Are low maintenance
  • Look great while hanging from the baskets
  • Can create a beautiful pattern 

9. Baby Tears 

baby tear plant hanging in a basket with ropes inside a home
Source – Pinterest

It has got this name due to the shape of its leaves and baby tears are non-toxic and easy to maintain. It loves water but please make sure the water doesn’t sit in its roots and the soil is well-drained. If you are interested in knowing more, here is all info about baby tears

Why we Like it – 

  • Easy to maintain
  • Hangs well
  • The trails of baby tears look beautiful
  • Easy growing
  • Beautifully shaped leaves

10. Periwinkle or Sada bahar (link in amazon)

sadabahar plant white and pink flowers in a hanging basket
Source – Buy it from Amazon

A very Indian plant, it survives well in all weathers of India as per its name. This plant comes in various varieties of colours, such as white, pink and lavender etc. Its leaves may curl up if you forget to water them but will come back to life quickly. It will prefer a windowsill to bloom. Buy  VBuy vinca/Periwinkle/Sada bahar plant from amazon

Why we Love it – 

11. Orchids

Yellow beautiful orchids in a hanging planter inside a home
Source – Pinterest

Yes, you read it right! These high-nose plants can be hung beautifully in your regular plant baskets or in glass baskets to add that drama and luxury to the space.

Why we Love it

  • Beautiful flowers
  • Add drama to the place
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Need indirect sunlight
  • Blooms last longer indoors

12. Bougainvillaea 

Bougaainvillea in full bloom in two baskets
Source – Pinterest

Another Indian plant can be grown indoors near a source of light and can bloom as well. These paper-like flowers also come in many colours, however pink and white look the finest. 

Why we really really recommend bougainvillaea – 

  • A unique plant to hang in the baskets
  • Can bloom as well
  • Quite hardy and does not die on you easily 
  • A good plant to add colour to an indoor set-up 


13. Chrysanthemum or Shevanti 

fully bloomed yellow and white shevanti in 3 hanging planters
Source – Pinterest

It grows best in pots but baskets look even more beautiful, this adds a lot of colours and lifts the mood instantly. 

Why we Loooove it – 

  • Not common in baskets
  • Has big blooms
  • Comes in various colours 
  • A good fertiliser goes a long way 


Things to Consider when Choosing the Best Indoor Plants to hang in baskets in India

  • The soil must be well-drained and rich in vermicompost & cocopeat.
  • Try to buy plants from your local nursery as they are habitual to your local weather and are less likely to die
  • Take really good care while transplanting them into the basket
  • Hang the baskets at such a height so that you can touch the topsoil and see the plant easily.
  • Pruning the plant regularly will make it beautiful looking and it will grow beautifully
  • Try to find a place where the plant can receive good daylight 
  • Hang the blooming plants near the windowsill to encourage bloom 
  • Make organic fertiliser at home to boost blooms once a month
  • Take your baskets out in the sun once a month when it’s a good sunny day. 
  • More info – how to start container gardening at home
  • Hanging baskets go well with other air-purifier indoor plants to create a beautiful forest feel

Things I Recommend Buying (if you don’t have these already)

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best hanging plants for baskets

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Dr. Pratishtha (P.T) is a Physical therapist (orthopedics) by education. She loves Nature, Skincare, Organized Spaces, Researching, and Holistic Healthcare. Whenever She is not working, she is Definitely watching Netflix and procrastinating on reading a book! Find her on Linkedin.

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