10 Amazing Home Remedies For Diabetes That Work Better Than Insulin!

Ayurvedic home remedy for diabetes

Did your Blood sugar readings disappoint you again?Home remedies for diabetes

Why do you have to think twice to munch your favorite chocolate or the lovely sweets you crave for!

We all know the pathetic nature of Diabetes. You simply can’t eat what you want.

Well, I am going to tell you otherwise with these Home Remedies for Diabetes!

You can have that piece of cake and munch on some of your favorite snacks too, (here are some diabetic-friendly summer drinks) BUT you need to follow a routine, and grab the perfect home remedy for diabetes that can actually toss off those depressing numbers on your glucometer.

I have carefully crafted the most effective home remedies for type 2 diabetes that you can follow and get a hold of your food again. Just ask your healthcare professional before taking those to avoid any sudden drops in your blood sugar readings.

After reading this article you will be able to answer these questions

  • What are the most effective home remedies for diabetes that have scientific evidence?
  • What are the do’s and don’t of a diabetes lifestyle?
  • How to control your blood sugar levels when they are rooftop high?

So let’s get started!

1. Fenugreek/Methi For Diabetes


Also known as Trigonella Foenum-graecum, fenugreek or Methi has been used as a spice in the Indian kitchens for ages. It is known to impart a great flavor to the food and prevent digestive problems as well. Fenugreek has been proven as a hero in controlling blood sugar levels. It also plays a significant role in controlling your lipid/cholesterol levels.

What does Science say about the effect of Fenugreek on Diabetes?

Well, Science is in favor of this flavorful spice but it shows delayed effects, which means you will see significant control in your blood sugar after the 5th month (reference 1).

How to take it?

Soak 1 tablespoon of fenugreek seeds in 1 glass of water at night. Consume that water in the morning. If you can eat those seeds as well, then it’s a plus.

Note – Diabetes patients can take fenugreek along with their oral hypoglycemic medicines. It shows added effects in metformin (a hypoglycemic medicine for diabetes) users. Consult your healthcare provider for more information.


2. Onion


effect of onion in controlling blood sugar levels

Did you know that apart from growing hair on your scalp, it is also great for controlling your blood sugar levels? This pungent yet tasty home remedy is not very hard to follow. The good news is that both juice and raw onion are effective in lowering those nasty values on your glucometer.

What does Science say?

The flavonoids present in onions play an active role in reducing the fasting blood sugar levels specifically. It stimulates insulin secretion as well. (ref. 2)

How to take it?

You can take 25 to 50 gm of freshly cut onion slices daily. You can take up to 100 gm depending upon your choice and capacity. Having a serving of salad with every meal helps a lot. Here are some interesting salad ideas from around the world!


3. Garlic


effectiveness of garlic for diabetes treatment Onion and garlic almost always go hand in hand. So this time is no exception, as per Indian mythology, onion and garlic are produced where the drops of the ‘nectar-of-immortality’ fell. They have got this pungent smell because they touched the hands of evil people. That’s a story for another day. Let’s see what this super-flavorful, garlic-bread blessed ingredient can do for our diabetic folks!

What does science say?

The studies show that garlic reduces the fasting blood glucose levels as well as the HbA1c (an average of 3 months of your blood sugar readings) levels within just one week of starting the treatment! Hurray! Talk about that nectar! It is a big cholesterol reducer as well. Read about this heart-healthy secret here.

How to take it?

Ya, we all know that pungent smell. Although the garlic oils, and garlic Tablets are available in the market, it is wise to choose the fresh raw ones and consume them 0.5 to 1.5 gm daily. One to two cloves of crushed garlic will do. (garlic needs to be crushed to release allicin in it).

Just gulp it down with a glass of water! Fastttttt!


4. aloe vera is among the best Home Remedies for Diabetes


This much boasted about the air-purifier plant is not just for skin’s beauty but for your pancreas too! Yes, let’s find out how.aloe vera for diabetes home remedy

What does science say?

A study (ref. 3)  proved that the aloe vera gel has better effects than the famous diabetic medicine glimepiride when taken in a dosage of 10 ml/kg.

How to take it?

Start with half a cup of juice every day and then increase up to one cup. Make sure you consult your healthcare provider before starting it.

Added Benefit – Your skin will glow and there are chances of losing weight as well!


5. Cinnamon (Dalchini)


cinnamon effective home remedy for diabetesThis fragrant spice has a role to play in our daily cooking in India. This spice imparts a strong fragrance and flavor to the dish.

What does Science say about Cinnamon?

The studies (ref. 5) done on cinnamon are very promising and they prove that cinnamon does improve insulin secretion and thus helps in regulating the blood sugar levels. Cinnamaldehyde present in cinnamon helps in increasing the insulin sensitivity of the body.

How to take it?

Long-term consumption of cinnamon can be toxic for your liver. So take it in small quantities and do give some gap of a few days after a month or so. Taking ½ teaspoon cinnamon powder in warm milk will enhance its flavor along with its benefits. You can also just stir the cinnamon stick in your beverages if you are not a cinnamon fan.


6. Bitter Gourd/Bitter Melon (Karela)


Also known as Momordica Charantia, this bitter vegetable is known for its anti-diabetic effects. The vegetable is a delicacy in most of Bitter gourd is a home remedy for diabetes India but it’s mostly fried to remove its bitterness thus lowering the food value.

What does Science say?

Studies are in favor of bitter gourd. It has been proven that it lowers blood sugar levels in both diabetes type 1 and type 2 patients.

How to take it?

Its juice is the most effective, but considering the bitterness, you can use it in your vegetable smoothie. If not bearable even then, then have some baked stuffed bitter gourd like a side dish, they taste amazing! The last option will be Bitter Gourd tablets, Himalaya makes them, You can buy them here.


7. Triphala (Amla, Bibhitaki, Haritaki)


triphala is a home remedy for diabetes Amla or Indian gooseberry has many laurels to its crown. Right from glowing skin, grey hair treatment and an anti-aging ingredient, amla is now ruling the diabetic world too. The other two ingredients are also known to fight diabetes, digestive system disorders, and even cancer.

What does Science say?

Yes, Indian gooseberry is hypoglycemic (ref 9. ) and it controls your cholesterol levels as well. It is one of the main ingredients of the best ayurvedic medicine ‘Triphala powder. Haritaki and Bibhitaki are proven to treat insulin resistance, heart diseases, and digestive system disorders.

How to take it?

Triphala is available commercially in powder form, you can buy the tablets here Also, half a teaspoon of Triphala powder can be taken with warm water or ghee or in tablet forms.

Word of Caution – Triphala is a laxative so if taken in large quantities, it can cause diarrhea. Also, pregnant and laxative moms must not take this.


8. Ginger


Who doesn’t like ginger tea! Well, it’s the most common beverage in India and has hidden benefits for cold, flu, or cough. Now, it has been proven to help our diabetic folks!

What does science say?

Ginger reduces insulin resistance in your body. Although, you won’t be able to see a significant decrease in your blood sugar readings your HbA1c readings (a 3 month average of your blood sugar levels) will improve. It is beneficial for those who are having insulin resistance (the body doesn’t respond to insulin-like it should).

How to take it?

Don’t consume it in large quantities, especially in summers. You can take it in more amount in winters though. In the hot season, just consume half-inch crushed ginger in your tea and you will not be having any insulin resistance. 

9. Gymnema Sylvestre/Sugar Destroyer (Gurmar) for Diabetes


This one is a winner! This plant benefits diabetes patients in some unusual ways. Its name Gurmar literally means Sugar destroyer.

What does science say?

Gymnema or Gurmar reduces your sugar cravings! Yes, it works in an incredibly unique way. The amazing Gymnemic acids present in this plant’s leaves cover your gut cells thereby reducing the absorption of sugar molecules in the blood (ref 10). This reduces blood sugar levels considerably. So fewer sugar cravings and less sugar absorption!

How to take it?

The leaves of this plant are somewhat sweet in the beginning and then as soon as you chew it some more, it gets bitter and bitter. So maybe some Gymnema tea (boil leaves for 5 minutes and take it after 10-15 minutes) with honey or some Gymnema capsules or if you are brave enough then chew two leaves empty stomach.

Your best bet?

Have this plant in your house, it bears beautiful white flowers during the spring!

I just realized that Gymnema or Gurmar deserves a special article on itself. Subscribe to our newsletter so that you don’t miss that upcoming article!


10. Turmeric For Diabetes


turmeric powder is another home remedy for diabetesTurmeric is being used to give a nice color to the vegetables and curries in Indian cooking. It has anti-inflammatory properties in it and is known to impart a glow on the face. It is also hypoglycemic in nature.

What does science say?

Turmeric has shown promising results in reducing blood glucose levels. You can take it in small quantities to reap its benefits.

How to take it?

Take 1/4rth teaspoon of turmeric daily with warm milk and that’s it.

Some Important Things Before Taking Home Remedies for Diabetes


  1. Some other effective home remedies for diabetes are Apple cider vinegar, clove oil, anise, coriander, cumin, ginseng, holy basil, neem (Azadirachta indica), etc.


  1. Another important thing that can control your blood sugar levels is Physical activity, such as cycling, walking, jogging, etc. Physical activity consumes excess sugar in your blood and helps in the secretion of insulin by providing better digestion and improved blood flow. Do take a look at how to warm up before exercise and cool down after exercise.


  1. Stay away from stress as it leads to over-eating or fasting and both are not good for your blood sugar readings.


  1. Get your blood sugar checked every 15 days and get an HbA1c done after every three months. You can also buy a glucometer to check your blood sugar at home quite easily, buy the best and most affordable one here at amazon.


  1. Stay hydrated. Some of the most amazing drinks for diabetes are listed here. Do try them this summer.
  2. Increase your fiber intake and lower down your carbohydrate intake. The carbs get converted into sugar thereby increasing the blood sugar levels. So take high fiber such as a bowl full of salad and fewer carbs such as bread, roti, rice, etc. Following a low carb plant-based vegetarian diet is best for people with diabetes. Know more about high fiber diet for diabetes here.


  1. Losing weight goes a long way. If you lose weight, it will improve your whole digestive system’s functioning including the pancreas. Try out this gm diet chart to lose 4 kgs in one week.


  1.  Sleeping is related to diabetes too. If you sleep well, you will have more balanced metabolic functions and better hormonal balance in your body. If you have trouble sleeping then check out the reasons which are not letting you sleep.


  1. Chromium, magnesium and other micronutrients must be taken in good amount to avoid any deficiencies. Some of the sources of these micronutrients are coffee, nuts, green beans, broccoli etc.


  1. Be positive and be regular. Don’t go so hard on yourself but don’t cheat too often.


The Ultimate Advice-

I would suggest you to choose one or two herbs at a time and follow it religiously for at least one month. Check your blood sugar levels before starting a home remedy, then after 15 days and finally after one month.

Choose an ingredient that will be easy for you to eat in your daily life. Also, don’t forget to take the consent of your healthcare provider before starting any of these remedies.


Wishing you lots of Happiness and a Healthy life ahead.

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10 home remedies for blood sugar (herbs and spices)



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Dr. Pratishtha (P.T) is a Physical therapist (orthopedics) by education. She loves Nature, Skincare, Organized Spaces, Researching, and Holistic Healthcare. She is Pursuing a course in Food & Nutrition currently. Whenever She is not working, she is Definitely watching Netflix and procrastinating on reading a book! Find her on Linkedin

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