Amazing! A 90 year old man shares his gross secret for a perfect eyesight!

gross trick to improve eyesight

We are thrilled to know this new, yet ancient method to keep our eyes all perfect. Even better, it makes you get rid of your glasses too. Yes….It’s True (Yay…:)

But, You need to be patient! Also, consistent! So, that means doing one gross attempt every day, other than picking your nose of course!

So here it goes “You need to apply your morning saliva to your eyes!“ If you are still here and not grossed out, then this means you are in! Bravo my friend!

So here is what needs to be done….

  1. Brush at Night – This one is very difficult for the lazy bums like us but try hard. You can reach that brush… If this seems really-really hard for you then make sure you gargle and give your mouth a proper wash before hitting the bed.
  2. Get up in the morning and tap one finger on your tongue, then apply the saliva to your right eye.
  3. Use another finger to tap on your tongue and apply to your left eye.
  4. Let it stay there and forget about it!


  1. Don’t drink water or anything before applying this, as it will dilute it and it will become ineffective.
  2. Do this first thing in the morning.
  3. Make sure you brush/gargle properly before sleeping.
  4. If you have any oral disease or infection, then this article is NOT for you. Don’t do this tip in that case.

Scientific Reason behind the Saliva Magic

There is a huge number of scientific studies to back up this ancient secret.

1. Another reason why the female dog licks her mammary glands. Canine saliva has bactericidal properties, which means, their saliva can kill the bacteria. So by licking their mammary glands, they are saving their babies from any infections whatsoever! Isn’t it amazing? This study proves these findings.

saliva benefits

2. For humans, Saliva contains Lysozyme, which has the power to kill many bacterias too. Not just that, Saliva contains a whole lot of antibodies, hormones, proteins, and other molecular compounds.

3. A recent study published in daily mail confirms the presence of histatin-1 protein in saliva. This protein not only helps in healing but also by improving the blood supply of the area. Saliva does that by boosting the formation of blood vessels.

Indian Ayurveda has sworn by this old trick and the old people who are following these tricks are seeing things like an eagle. Even in their 90s. As per them, it will take months to get rid of your spectacles, depending upon your number, but be patient and stay consistent.

You will soon see an ophthalmologist, who will be surprised to know that your number has actually decreased! We are so inspired and pumped up! Are You? Please reply in the comment section below! Don’t forget to “Love your eyes and be grateful!

Note: It is advised to take expert advice before applying these remedies.

A Physiotherapist (orthopedics) by education, loves nature, coffee, beauty and everything cute n organized! Did I say coffee?

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