High fiber diet will treat your diabetes – Latest research suggests.

high fibre diet for diabetes

Good news for Diabetics!
recent study states that our scientists have found the treatment of diabetes in mother nature again!

The right dietary fiber in your diet can provide better control of your blood sugar levels! A plant-based diet is again to our rescue (not to forget the green tea benefits for diabetes). The amount of fiber present in whole grains and green leafy vegetables is proven to be the best food to regulate blood sugar levels.

Here is more to the whole picture:

What can dietary fiber do?

Right dietary fibers can lead to

  • Better Sugar control that is the fasting sugar levels have been reduced drastically.
  • HbA1c levels also decrease. (HbA1c is an average reading of your 3-month blood sugar levels.)
  • This helps in accelerating the process of weight loss.
  • Better Cholesterol levels.

What changes does the high fiber diet do in the body?


  1. People with type 2 diabetes are deficient in SCFA (short-chain fatty acids).
  2. The high fiber promotes good gut bacteria in the body.
  3. The good gut bacteria thus produce SCFA by fermenting the carbohydrates.
  4. Optimum SCFA helps in regulating blood sugar levels.


What to eat?

  1. Whole grains – The whole grains like oats, millet (bajra), quinoa, brown rice, corn, wheat (keep wheat in moderate amount), etc.
  2. Other fiber-rich sources are –  pulses (dal), chickpeas (chole), beans (rajma), dry fruits, peas, flax seeds, and fresh fruits.
  3. Prebiotics – These are the new game-changers, they fertilize the good bacteria present in our gut. So along with the probiotics (yogurt, cheese, probiotic drinks), the prebiotics is also very important for diabetics. They are found in apple skin( don’t peel that off), banana, onion, garlic, beans, artichokes, chicory root, asparagus, and baked wheat flour (Yay! For baked puff pastries, the savory ones, of course).


So, dear diabetics, eat the plant-based diet, have curd, and apples (with skin on), and don’t forget the pranayama!

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Who knew we will quote this again

“High fiber every day, keeps high sugar at bay”

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