10 Beauty Mistakes that are Aging You.

beauty mistakes that are aging you

There are many things we do every day to enhance our looks, shape, and overall personality.

Some work really well, others fail to impress! There are others as well, which do more harm than good. We will be talking about those habits which are aging you every day!

1. Not using sunscreen lotion

beauty mistakes that are aging you

Whether you remain inside the whole day, even the glare of your computer screen and the rays of your light bulbs are harming your skin. The studies have proved that the ‘screen-face’ is real! So, your computer might be aging you secretly! Grab your sunscreen before those nasty wrinkles appear.

2. Sleeping with your makeup on

sleeping with makeup beauty mistake

It’s a sin that you commit to your skin. If you are sleeping with the foundation clogging your pores and the eyeliner sitting on your delicate lashes! Then you are suffocating your skin and inviting pimples and wrinkles in return. Grab some rosewater to remove your makeup, your skin will thank you for this.

3. Being Moisturizer Lazy

beauty mistakes that age you


Even oily skin needs hydration and moisturization. Grab a gel-based moisturizer if you have oily skin. If you have dry or normal skin, then please make sure you use a moisturizer daily. Using a moisturizer within 5 minutes of taking bath locks the moisture inside and your skin will stay supple for a long time.

4. Lifeless hair

beauty mistakes that age you- hair

Damaged and dull hair can make anyone look older. Taking care of your manes is an absolute necessity. Do the oiling regularly, use a good serum, and don’t keep one boring hairstyle for years! Change is good, embrace it!

5. Less Water Intake




All the celebrities and skin care specialists swear by this tip. If you drink more water, your skin will look younger. As water sweeps the toxins from your skin and keeps it fresh and glowing. Grab that bottle ladies.



6. Loose Clothing


beauty mistakes that age you - lose cloth

If you wear an oversized sheath dress, then it will look like a short maxi dress. Don’t make that blunder. Invest in the clothes that suit you and their fitting is very important. Too tight and too loose will make you look like an old lady. You don’t want to look like that when you are not!

7. Dark Lipstick

beauty mistakes - dark lipstick

Don’t go binge on your makeup, it gives you a “desperate-to-look-younger” look. Dark lipstick is a big no-no. Opt for the nude shades and pinks, plums, etc. Don’t go for dark shades of lipstick unless that’s the main focus of your makeup.

8. Shimmery Eyes

beauty mistakes- eye makeup

Shimmery eyes look only good in the group dance performance. Don’t use them off-stage. Use, nude or pink eye shadow, else go for a smoky eyes look. That will make you look elegant too.

9. Taking too much Stress

beauty mistakes - stress

Stress is always bad, unfortunately, it is even worse for your skin. Try to distract yourself with the things you love, meditation is quite helpful in relieving the stress too. And, music, don’t forget the music! Just good songs, because the sad songs will make you sulk more!

10. No CTM Routine

beauty mistakes - CTM

This one is a taker. If you are not doing a daily at least three-step skincare routine, then you are missing out big time! Cleansing, Toning, and Moisturizing are a must for healthy glowing skin. Lazy ones can use rosewater (which has both cleansing and toning properties) and aloe vera gel (a great moisturizer). Make sure you do this before going to bed.

11. Not using anti-aging creams

beauty mistakes - not using anti-aging cream

This one is a bonus for you. The anti-aging creams work best before your skin starts aging. So use the anti-wrinkle cream before the wrinkles start appearing. The best time to use anti-aging cream is in your late 20s. If you are older than that then go grab your anti-aging cream now. Try to go for some organic brands.



So ladies, stop doing these mistakes to have youthful and glowing skin forever. What trick do you prefer for your skin? We would love to know that in the comment section below! Also, don’t forget to share this with your friends!

Dr. Pratishtha (P.T) is a Physical therapist (orthopedics) by education. She loves Nature, Skincare, Organized Spaces, Researching, and Holistic Healthcare. Whenever She is not working, she is Definitely watching Netflix and procrastinating on reading a book! Find her on Linkedin.

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