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These nasty pimples are every girl’s (and even a boy’s) nightmare. They make you grin, every time you look into the mirror. After getting lots and lots of questions on Quora about Acne, We crafted a very well-researched article on the same.

Here, we will try our level best to answer all your queries regarding acne and its treatments too. Still, feel free to question anything that you want to. So let’s start by knowing some necessary information about acne/pimples!

What is Acne?

We all know these little devils. They can come in any form, right from the red ones to the painful white ones. They are:

  1. Whitehead – A whitehead is a clogged pore. It can occur due to dirt or excess oil production.
  2. Blackhead – When the whitehead comes in contact with air, it becomes dark and is known as a blackhead. These are the annoying ones mostly present on the nose and chin.
  3. Papule – This is what we call a Pimple. The red bump on the skin, spread quite easily so resist the urge to touch them. They appear when the clogged pores become inflamed.
  4. Pustule – This is where they start getting nasty. The pus appears in the pointed white center and that’s why they are known as pustules. Don’t squeeze them, because it will just spread them and can cause scarring too. Ya, that’s too much to ask for but we have got you covered. Read the full article, you don’t need to squeeze them, we have better and more effective treatments.
  5. Nodule – When they invade deeper in the skin, you can feel a lump inside the skin. Then it is known as a nodule. If you have many of them, then please consult a dermatologist or your physician.
  6. Cysts – When that nodule has a pus-like formation too, then it’s cystic in nature. These are the worst types of acne and an expert opinion is required.

Why the Acne occurs?

This is one of the most popular questions, that has led researchers to bang their heads. Finally, we have the answer:

  1. Before menstruation (due to hormonal changes)
  2. Oily skin (A perfect home for pimples)
  3. Clogged pores and hair follicles (when new hair gets stuck with the sebum)
  4. Dandruff (the flakes cause pimples on the forehead mostly)
  5. Adolescence age/puberty (welcome to the Club)
  6. Drug reactions (Steroids flare up acne mostly)
  7. Genetics (Family Trademark, You know ;))
  8. Stress flares up the acne (It doesn’t cause it but if you have acne and you are taking stress, then be prepared for lots of them)
  9. Oily cosmetics ( Your oily foundation might be blocking your pores and causing you acne)
  10. Unhygienic pillow covers/phones (These things which we use daily are the most common causes of the pimples)
  11. Hair bands/hats/swimming caps (Anything that is applying undue pressure on your skin can lead to breakout ultimately)

How to Treat Acne?

The Answer is like the Goldmine!

Let’s open the treasure slowly and start with the most effective medicinal measures taken to treat these

  1. Retinoids (vitamin A) – Taking these medicines orally and applying them thrice a week has shown results in preventing and treating acne. Retinoids prevent the pores from getting blocked or clogged. Thus an immediate improvement can be seen. One should consult the doctor before starting these medicines.
  2. Antibiotics – The antibiotics are given both orally and topically to kill the bacteria, which is causing the pimples. Clindamycin has shown promising results in decreasing the pimple size and it works really fast too. A doctor’s advice is suggested.
  3. Laser – Dermatologists are using LASER with a varying degree of success. Some have shown great improvement and others have shown no improvement at all. So studies are needed to prove laser’s effectiveness in this field.
  4. Chemical Peels – They apply a paste on your skin, treat it under the light and peel it off. This peels off your scarred and dull skin too. The process is almost painless and has promising results too. It is more effective for acne marks rather than acne cure itself. Get it done by an experienced dermatologist only.
  5. Disprin – As disprin has acetylsalicylic acid as an active ingredient. So making a paste of it while mixing it with water and applying it to the acne can squeeze it and treat it in one night. This works only on small pimples and not the big cystic ones.

Ayurvedic Treatment of Acne

1. Green Tea and Honey

As green tea and honey both have antibiotic and healing properties, so they can work wonders in treating it. A Twitter lover has shared her story of treating cystic acne with just these two ingredients, it has recently been published in the Sun. The before and after images have inspired many to take up the same remedy. We advise you to take one cup of green tea along with honey every day. It will detoxify your skin and will make it glow too! Are You in?

2. Green tea and Honey Mask

Tear the tea bag, crush the leaves, and add some honey. Make a mask and apply it to your affected area for 20 minutes twice a week. You will be happy to see the results.

3. Anti-Acne Organic Face Wash

The face wash that you use must be organic and anti-acne. We have found this boutique face wash really good for acne-prone skin. It will save your skin from any chemicals and will soothe it too. Guess what? It’s also budget-friendly. Less than half the price of the other imported products.

 Biotique Purifying Anti-acne face wash 

4. Kapalbhaati Pranayaam

This pranayama will detoxify your skin and you will be surprised to see the results. Not only this, it treats many systemic illnesses too. Read everything about Kapal Bhati pranayam for doing it just right.

5. Drink Water

It has no alternative, drink plenty of water to wash out the toxins in your body. Keep a Stylish water Bottle with you and you will drink more water than usual.

6. Invest in a good Blood Purifier

Impure blood is the root cause of pimples. Invest in a  good Blood and Skin Purifier and take it twice daily or as per the directions. If you don’t want to take a blood purifier, then go for a dose of Apple cider vinegar daily. Read here all the instructions about taking apple cider vinegar.

7. Morning Saliva

It has been proven that morning saliva has powerful anti-bacterial properties. Just apply your morning saliva to your pimples and leave it like that. We know the trick is gross, but it works. Morning saliva has many amazing benefits too.

8. Vitamin A and E-rich food

As retinoid has been proven to treat acne, then move to nature for the real retinol or vitamin A. Carrots, spinach, tomatoes, kiwi, almonds, and salads are your best friends for your daily dose of vitamin A & E.

9. Exercise

Whenever you do the exercise. Your body releases toxins in the form of sweat. You will feel lighter and this is the secret to amazing skin too. Don’t forget to take a shower after exercise otherwise you will invite more pimples.

10. Neem

We have saved the good old and effective one for the last. Neem has been curing acne for thousands of years and it is still as good as new. We are telling you the two most effective ways to use neem for acne treatment

  • Drink it – Crush the thoroughly washed neem leaves, mix them with water and strain the leaves. Drink only 2 tablespoons a day. Make it fresh each time. Drink plenty of water and use it only till the acne remains as it is a very strong medicine. Did we mention it? That it is bitter like hell.
  • Apply it – Boil neem leaves in water, and strain them. Mix the water with sandalwood or fuller’s earth. Make a paste. Apply it thrice a week till the problem remains. Read a more detailed article about neem acne treatment here.

11. For Hormonal Acne treatment, refer to these 7 Tried & Tested Treatments for Hormonal Acne

Things to Remember!

  • Use Gel Sunscreen
  • Detox every day (ACV)
  • Don’t skip the shower after gym
  • Wash twice a day with lukewarm water
  • Remove makeup before sleeping
  • Avoid Beauty mistakes that are aging you
  • Keep your hair away from your face
  • Don’t Squeeze your pimples
  • Don’t scrub when you have acne on your face
  • Meditate to avoid stress!

Let us know what works for you best. We would love to know your feedback too!

Note: This article contains some affiliate links. If you shop using these links then we may make some money to run this website. You won’t be paying any extra charges, so please don’t worry. Also, we advise you to take professional advice before following any remedies. Thank You for your support.

Dr. Pratishtha (P.T) is a Physical therapist (orthopedics) by education. She loves Nature, Skincare, Organized Spaces, Researching, and Holistic Healthcare. Whenever She is not working, she is Definitely watching Netflix and procrastinating on reading a book! Find her on Linkedin.

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