I got a bad tattoo! And I need to remove it, please help!

how to remove a bad tattoo

We all have our moments in life when we make irrational decisions. Getting a tattoo can sometimes become one of those decisions. Maybe a night of binge drinking, or just an emotional high or probably doing it to impress someone? With this article, we won’t be able to turn back time and stop you from getting that bad tattoo, but we can definitely help you remove that bad ink from your body in the present. Read our small yet very authoritative Tattoo Removal guide/article to know what’s coming through.

Call it Redemption!

Before we even start, we must tell you, Tattoo removal procedure is a laser procedure and it is painful and the people telling you that it is not, well they are less fibbing, give or take, so brace yourself and consider it redemption for the irrational decision you took.

What is the nature of Tattoo Ink?

Tattoo ink is usually made up of heavy metal which has large and heavy metal molecules. It is because of the large size of these molecules that the human body is not able to break it down, if it was small, the tattoo wouldn’t stay more than one or two weeks.

So, how does Tattoo Removal Work?

Depending upon the size of the Tattoo, the Laser Tattoo Removal process starts with the laser being targeted at the large and heavy ink molecules thereby shrinking them into smaller molecules. See the idea is to break them into small molecules so that the body’s immune system can absorb it and then throw it out of your body via the urine or the fecal matter.

So next, your body’s going to be expelling the ink. Please note that breaking up of the tattoo molecules is usually not a one sitting job. It may take several sittings, depending upon the size of the tattoo and the density of the ink embedded in between the dermis and the epidermis layers of your skin


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Considering your immune system will be doing you a huge favor by removing that ink. You should definitely keep your immune system well, by eating healthy and being hydrated.

How to take care of my skin once the tattoo has been removed?

When you have been through the ordeal of the tattoo removal treatment, you need to take a lot of care for your skin and your overall body.  Please follow the below-mentioned guidelines along with adhering to your doctor’s advice.

  1. Keep the treated area well covered.
  2. Do not, we repeat Do Not Expose it to the sun till the healing process is over and your doctor gives a go-ahead, similarly no exposure to bonfires or tanning clinics.
  3. No Going to the swimming pool for some time, swimming pools especially public swimming pools could be a source of a lot of infection.
  4. Keep the treated area away from bleach or any other beauty product.

After Care procedure usually remains the same as when you got a tattoo. Above mentioned points are general guidelines, you should however also follow what your doctor instructs you to. People get tattoos for all the different reasons under the sky but whatever may be the urge; think twice and think again.

Be real and Be well.


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