Know Your Bones – Basic Knowledge about Bones & their Names!

know your bones

Hello Readers!

Here we are with a useful piece of information about our bones, don’t worry we are not going to give you a med-school lecture! We personally feel that everyone should have a basic knowledge about our body and all of its functions.

It will help you in the following ways:

  • Building up your confidence
  • Answering Your Kid’s queries
  • Talking and understanding the alien language that your doctor speaks
  • This will help you understand your body and its diseases better.

So here are a few questions that frequently come to our minds with their answers:

What are the bones made up of?

Bones are made up of calcium mainly, calcium carbonate & calcium Phosphate. Bones also contain collagen, which is a protein and provides it some flexibility, thus preventing it from fractures!

How many bones are there in our body?

The famous Munna Bhai dialogue has not left the need to tell you this answer, but for those who have forgotten, the number is 206. There are 206 bones in an adult body, surprisingly the number of bones in an infant’s body is more, that is around 300. They join together as the person grows and come to the number 206 until the adult age is achieved.

What are the names of main bones in the body?

Bones in the head – Skull

Spinal Bones – Vertebrae (33)

  • Neck – Cervical Vertebra (7)
  • Upper Back – Thoracic Vertebra (12)
  • Lower Back – Lumbar Vertebra (5)
  • Tailbone – Sacral (5) and Coccyx (4) [fused together]

Chest – Rib Cage (12 ribs in number)

Collar Bone – Clavicle

Shoulder Blade – Scapula

Arm Bone – Humerus

Forearm Bones – Radius & Ulna

Pelvic Bone – Hip Bone

Thigh Bone – Femur

Shin/leg bones – Tibia & Fibula

So, We don’t want to overload you guys with lots of bones names, we have tried to keep it as simple as possible. The small bones in the wrist & Palm are known as Carpals. The bones which connect our carpals with the fingers are known as Metacarpals. The ones which form our fingers are known as Phalanges. Likewise

The small bones in our Ankle & Foot are known as Tarsals. The bones which connect tarsals with the toes are known as Metatarsals. The ones which form the toes are known as Phalanges.

Some Interesting Facts about Bones:

  • The femur (thigh bone) is the strongest and longest bone in the body.
  • The smallest bone in the body is Stapes, which is situated in our middle ear.
  • Long Bones have some small holes-like structures in them from where the small arteries enter known as nutrient arteries, they provide nutrition to them.
  • Bone Marrow is a spongy structure inside a bone that has stem cells in it, the ones which have the ability to grow that’s why they are used for cancer patients.
  • Bone Marrow contains white and red blood cells which help in fighting infections and blood loss respectively.
  • Bone Marrow is Red at birth and starts becoming Yellow as we age!

So this was all about the Bones, Let us know if you have a query, we will be more than happy to answer. Stay Tuned for more interesting information like this!

Note: The remedies or exercises provided in this article are not a replacement for medical advice. Please consult a healthcare professional before following the solutions.

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