1.  Make your own Bathroom Caddy

This beautiful bathroom caddy is from the holding company but you can make a cheap DIY version of it at home with cardboard boxes. Yes, we are totally impressed by Elizabeth Jo’s idea, she transformed the simple cardboard box into an amazing basket!

2. Key Holder

We are totally in love with this key and mail holder. This is a brilliant example of upcycling a piece of wood. Just grab some hooks, your paint brush and get started. This one is from great DIY.

3. Paper Organizer

Turning three cereal boxes into a magazine and paper holder is pure genius. Cut the cereal boxes at the right angle and cover it with fabric or paper or your choice and voila! you have your own paper and magazine holder now. No more stacking of papers and magazines on your dinner table. We are in love with Cathy from vintage paint and more!

4. Water Bottle plastic bag dispenser

Source: Pinterest

This may not look very good but hey, that’s what spray paints are for! Grab your water bottle or soda can to make a smaller version of it. Cut the bottom area and throw in the polybags. If the bottle is of small size then you need to cut it from the outlet as well. Don’t forget to smoothen the edges. You will be amazed the way this bottle will sweep your polybag-mess away! Phew!

If you don’t feel this crafty then there are some pretty bag dispensers out here – 

5. Toilet Paper Roll Cord Organizer

Source: Instructables

If you are also sick n tired of those electrical cords at your home then this one is for you. Cut the toilet paper rolls in half or the size that suits your cardboard box. Organize each and every cable in them. You can also tape or glue them to each other to ensure that they remain in their position. If you want to go an extra mile with them then, paint the rolls to look more appealing and beautiful!

6. Charging Station

Source: Pinterest.

Make an uber charging station with just a shoe box! No more hunting for your charger or a switch. Dedicate one corner of your house to this DIY phone charging station.All you need is a shoe box and an extension. Also, the phone chargers of course!

7. Tea bags Organizer

Source: Pinterest

If you are a tea fan then this one is a must for you. Just grab a cookie box or a tin chocolate box and paint it with your favorite color. You can add the stickers or symbols of your choice on the top to decorate it further. For the insides, grab some cardboard pieces (flaps of a cardboard box work best), make the dividers. You can paint or cover the dividers too. Let it fit in and arrange your different styles of tea bags in it. Voila! Don’t forget to flaunt it on your kitchen countertop!

8. Bag Organizer

We are in love with this handbag organizer. This can save a ton of space in your cabinet and will give the bags the place they deserve to remain good and new forever. If you don’t have some serious stitching skills or time, then you can buy this on Amazon in just 279  INR, many colors available too!

9. Thread and Needle Organizer

Source: Neuvamujer

This one pretty much same as the tea bags organizer. The Magnetic Strip used for pins and needles is a genius move by Neuvamujer. We loved the idea, Do you?

10. Prettiest Shoe Organizer that doubles as a seat

This one blew our mind away! A pretty-pretty seat and a shoe organizer too. Afterall the heel deserves a comfy place (even if they are not comfy at all). If you can make this with a tire then it will be worth it! 

11. Categorize your bathroom closet

If your blood pressure rises by seeing the cluttered bathroom closet, then this one is to calm yourselfJust grab some cardboard boxes, remove the flaps, cover them with the fabric of your choice and you have a whole organized closet! Don’t forget to label them, we have used the cardboard flaps to make the labels and tied them with the cloth string. Labeling is an important part of staying organized, as it gives a message to your family, that everything has its place. They won’t have any excuse for not knowing which thing to put where!

So what are you thinking? Start organizing now!

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