Squashes, sweets, cookies and cakes, everything is loaded with sugar. Do you devour on them without giving a second thought? Don’t be fooled by your body weight, as a slim person can also have elevated blood sugar and triglyceride levels. In this article you will find

  • Difference between Natural and the Processed Sugar
  • What happens to your body when you stop eating processed sugar
  • Some daily food items that are high in sugar
  • What food choices are the best
  • Natural Alternatives of Sugar

So lets get started –

Natural Sugar – The sugar present in the fruits, grains, veggies, dairy ‘NATURALLY’.

Processed Sugar – The processed sugar is a kind of sugar that has been added while making the food such as bakery items or in the fruit juices, syrups and carbonated drinks etc.

What if you stop eating all those for one month? Let’s find out what happens when we stop eating the added or processed sugar for just one month!

Here is What you Will be Like After Ditching Processed Sugar for One Month  –

girl holding a sauce pan and veggies - switching to healthy meal and ditching added sugar

You will definitely be Happier & Healthier!


1. More Active & More Productive

That sugar rush that you may have after having a full bowl of ice-cream makes you drowsy and lethargic. By eliminating that kind of sugar, you will be more active and more productive, needless to say you will feel much lighter.


2. Easy weight loss means a slimmer you

As the sugar is just the ‘empty-calories’, it doesn’t give you any nutrition whatsoever. By consuming these empty calories, you are likely to feel more hungry and eat more. So Whenever you stop the sugar, you will be shedding weight without dieting.


3. No Acne & Pimples, Just the Clear Skin 

As your excess consumption of sugar is one big cause behind your acne. Cutting on this bad component will make the acne disappear and you will find a radiating glowing skin you always dreamt of. No wonder, the celebrities stay away from the sweets and the soft-drinks!


4. Lower Triglycerides and better heart health

The lower empty calories will make your body have less fat and thus you will have a lower triglyceride level. Lower triglycerides and cholesterol levels are the perfect recipe for a healthy heart! Here is one secret ingredient that will reduce cholesterol in just few days.


5. Better blood sugar control

Staying away from processed sugar will give you a better glycemic control. Your blood sugar levels will be more stable and your home remedies for diabetes will be more effective,( if you have diabetes).


6. Better oral health and healthy Teeth

Your teeth will never be a storehouse of bacteria and you are less likely to have cavities in them. Brushing and flossing will just suffice your oral hygiene and no more toothache-laden-nights for you!


7. You will stay away from deadly diseases such as cancer, liver diseases, diabetes, weight-gain, faster-aging etc.



Some Daily Food Items That Are High in Sugar

food high in sugar in your breakfast

             Choose Your Breakfast Wisely!


  1. Carbonated drinks and Juices – Do you know a carbonated drink can has about 30 gm of sugar in it. It is more than your full day sugar limit which is 25 gm for women and 35 gm for men.
  2. Ketchup and sauces – One tablespoon tomato ketchup may contain about 4 gm of sugar.
  3. Canned Food
  4. Processed Food
  5. Snacks such as biscuits, cakes etc
  6. Breakfast cereals & Granola Bars – read the labels before buying as they can exceed your daily limit in just one serving.


What are the Best Food Choices when You are Cutting Down on Sugar

breakfast bowl with fruits and nuts

  Yogurt, fruits, nuts and some cheating (waffles) 😉


  1. Eat whole foods, fruits that will satisfy your hunger till your next wholesome meal.
  2. Water – ZERO CALORIES, Unlimited benefits
  3. Coconut water
  4. Unsweetened tea
  5. Nature’s delight – berries, dates, mangoes, raisins etc
  6. Add them in cream or yogurt and you have your all-natural frozen dessert ready!
  7. Replace your Ketchup with dry spices seasonings mixed with vinegar or throw in some fresh herbs like coriander, mint and some lemon juice and you have a delicious chutney ready!
  8. Go Nuts – preferable is to dry-roast them with a dash of salt and keep them in an airtight container. Serve it with tea or coffee.
  9. Homemade – Try to make your bakery items at home if you are quite addicted to them, add honey, jaggery in them instead of sugar crystals.


Processed/Added Sugar Alternatives


Best alternative of Sugar - Honey

Honey is Nature’s Magic Sweetener!

  1. Stevia – Best is to get a plant home and add it’s leaves while making any beverage of your choice. Otherwise there are many stevia drops and powder available in the market.
  2. Jaggery – look for the unprocessed, organic one, the darker color the better.
  3. Honey – One of the most healthy, sweet and anti-aging potion from nature.


Final Word – “Read the Labels – find the sugar content under the carbohydrate section and then decide which one is best for you and your family”.

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