7 Famous salads from around the world with an Indian Twist!


We Indians often ignore the salads, just some sirke-wale-pyaz (Vinegar-Dipped-Shallots) and we are good to devour our tasty and spicy meal. But when you are having dinner at home and want your kids to have some fibers and veggies in their diet, then salads are a great option.

We are introducing you to the classy and fabulous salads from around the world. You can make these salads easily with our Indian twist and can add your own favorite toppings too.

1. Israeli salad

israeli salad how to makeThis holy land is famous for its food too. This classic Israeli salad is just some chopped tomato, cucumber, and onions. The trick is to chop them into cubes! You can eat this salad if you are doing your 7 days GM diet plan for weight loss on your veggies day.

Indian twist – Add some lemon juice and black rock salt to it, toss and enjoy.


2. Mexican black bean salad


maxican black bean saladMexico is known for its beaches and gourmet restaurants too. A bowl of boiled salted kidney beans, avocado (if you are able to find that), corns, tomatoes, and onion, garnished with some coriander leaves, will take you directly to Mexico.


Indian twist – Add some papad/chips to the salad and enjoy the crunch with the spices of your choice.


3. Russian Dressed herring salad


russian salad how to make

Russia, World’s largest nation is surrounded by forests. The surroundings have influenced their food a lot. The famous dressed herring salad has grated boiled roots like potato and beetroot, dressed with mayonnaise and garnished with hard-boiled egg or onions. 

 Indian Twist – Add some toasted masala peanuts to introduce the crunch to the soft ingredients.


4. Indonesian Gado-Gado


gado gado saladThis country of volcanos and orangutans proudly shares its vibrant food with the world. The veggies(your choice like lettuce, tomatoes, onions, bell peppers, etc), hard-boiled eggs, lontong (steamed rice wrapped in banana leaf and then cut into pieces) garnished with peanut butter or sauce. This gives it a very nice texture and keeps the veggies together.


Indian Twist – Add all spices and potatoes to the rice before steaming them. They will take your salad to another level.

5. Greek Salad


greek salad

The slow and peaceful Greece has given the world many things along with the Greek salad. This humble one is a mix of lettuce, onion, cucumber, tomatoes, and chunks of cheese, dressed in olive oil+apple cider vinegar+lemon+sugar.


Indian Twist – Add some chaat masala to the dressing and elevate the salad as it balances out the cheese taste.


6. Caesar salad


caeser salad how to make

This one is again from Mexico, named after the chef who invented it. It has croutons and garlic which make it stand out from other regular salads. It has lettuce, croutons (bread cubes toasted in a pan with little butter or oil to make them crisp), cheese, and egg. Its dressing has crushed garlic and lemon juice in it.


Indian Twist – stir-fry some onions in little butter, season with salt and pepper and add to the salad.


7. Italian pasta salad


italian pasta salad how to make

This fashionable country is known for its mouthwatering food as well. Italians are known for their pasta. How can their salad be any different? This one is going to be the kid’s favorite. Add boiled pasta to stir-fried carrots, tomatoes, green onion, corns, mushrooms, and bell peppers, and garnish it with grated cheese.

Indian Twist – Add some basil leaves (well washed) and toasted garlic with the seasoning of your choice.


Good news, we have a Bonus salad for you, Totally Indian, Add some boiled chickpeas (soaked overnight and then boiled), potato, chopped tomato, and onion in a bowl. Add some green chilies, coriander, cumin powder, chaat masala, salt, and pepper along with a generous amount of lemon juice.

chickpea salad - how to make


                        Enjoy this chaat style Indian salad with loads of healthy protein and carbs.


Note: you can add salt and pepper to all the above-mentioned salads according to your choice, just refrain from using lots of red chili powder, and use black pepper instead.

Hope you have enjoyed the best salads from famous countries! We would love to know your feedback.

Till then “Eat veggies like a cow, just add salt & pepper to it”.

Note: The remedies or exercises provided in this article are not a replacement for medical advice. Please consult a healthcare professional before following the solutions.

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