10 Genius Organization Hacks that are Not Pretty But Functional!

Socks organization DIY idea

Is the clutter on your dining table bothering you? Or are you almost always unable to match your sock’s solemate! Then this article is for you. Organizing some simple things in life can be quite peace-giving. A neat and tidy environment is essential to clear your thoughts, goals and achieve them as well. If everything in your home has a well-defined space for itself then you have won the battle of tidying up. I recently read a great tip in a medium article about organizing that

“Whenever you buy something new, sit with your family and agree on a specific place where it will reside. Whether it is a vacuum cleaner or a pair of gumboots. Your life will become easy that way and new things will not add clutter to your home.” healthyly.inClick To Tweet

Here are 10 organizational tips for a few things that get lost too easily and need to be organized. Most of them are DIY tips. Enjoy and do tell your views about them in the comment section!

1. Make a DIY Socks Organizer from a cardboard box!

Socks are one of the easiest to lose and the bad thing is that only one sock is lost. The other one from the pair keeps on scolding you on your petty organization. No more scolding! This easy DIY idea will knock your socks off!

Socks organization DIY idea

Although the pictures are pretty much self-explanatory, take a cardboard box that is wider and less in-depth. I took a sturdy cardboard box in which my non-stick dosa-maker got delivered. I took its top off and used the sides as the partitions. Covering them in a cloth or paper is optional but I insist that you do that, as it will look very pretty that way. And ta..da…your very own sock-organizer is ready. Just don’t forget to teach your family how to roll the socks to keep them neatly standing in them. (if you need teachings too, then Marie kondo is your guru for that). We are coming with a Marie kondo article very soon as well.

Pro-folding tip – keep one sock over the other and fold them in two folds one after the other. After which, make them stand in your sock organizer! 

2. Shoe-Organizer 

Your shoe collection is overflowing? Or maybe you have just shoved all your footwear in a box and now you don’t even remember what you own. Don’t spoil your shoe collection like this, get yourself a perfect see-through shoe organizer or if you have a clear drawer space then you are already sorted. We love the idea of storing these flip-flops in a space-saving manner yet they are quite visible and free from dust and mites. Source – Organization Obsessed

shoe storage idea

You can similar drawers from amazon here.

3. DIY Drawer Organizer 

Imagine a scenario when you are in a hurry and need to staple that project paper and your junk drawer greets you with a lot of clutter.  Even if you are lucky enough to find a stapler, looking for stapler pins is next to impossible in a sea of clutter. Well, I tried to use some cereal and cookie boxes and I must say even if it’s not very pretty it’s so functional. It doesn’t take more than a minute to find the thing I need.

drawer organization by DIY drawer dividers

Want them prettier? Get the drawer dividers from amazon here. 

4. DIY Drawer Dividers but will least effort 

If you have a long drawer or you are just looking to make partitions in it, then this idea from organisationobsessed is a pure win. Just get some cardboard pieces that fit in your drawer and dress them up with your favorite paper or cloth and voila! You have an organized drawer that refuses to get messy anymore.

DIY drawer dividers

5. To-do List Organiser

Do you often fail to remember those commitments to your clients, doctor, or family members? Then you need a to-do list organizer that remains right in front of your eyes without spending a dime. This genius idea is from organizationjunkie and I am in love with this.

to do list or sticky note alternative

Just hang a rope or a wool string in front of your desk and hang some cloth clips on it. Now you can write as many tasks as you want and hang them with those clips. The joy of taking that slip out after doing a task is worth experiencing. Do give it a try!

6. Medicine Hoarder’s Organization Idea 

If you or someone in your family is a medicine-hoarder, be it any kind, then you must have an idea how annoying it gets with time. Those cupboards flooded with all kinds of potions and medicines and whatnot! On top of it, you are unable to find the right one when the need arises. A simple yet effective way of organizing them is to label them and store them in clear boxes. However, if the look of medicines is also bothersome to you then you can buy all kinds of pretty boxes as well. Whatever you do, Don’t forget to LABEL THEM.

medicine organization Idea

You can buy some clear storage boxes from amazon here. 

7. Dog Toy Organiser 

Our pooches are the known mess creators. Their fluffy toys and those hunted treasures (such as a wooden stick) are their equal favorites. To keep this mess under control, This one is a brilliant idea. A clear hanging basket that can be easily filled with your fury baby’s toys as soon as s/he gets tired of playing. Make sure the basket is within your dog’s reach and he can grab his toys whenever he feels like it.

how to organize dog toys

More details about this project by Maggie Lois here.

8. Bathroom Drawer Organiser 

Buy small baskets that fit your drawers from the dollar store and set them in your bathroom drawers like the image below and viola! You have a neat drawer organized that won’t get messy ever! We are in love with this simple yet pretty idea from blesserhouse. These small baskets are really God-send. If you are feeling extra-crafty then you can dedicate your favorite colored baskets for your stuff and your hubby’s for his and so on for other family members.

toiletry organization

9. Paper Organizer 

Using paper binders to organize the receipts, manuals, doctor’s prescriptions and important car documents is a genius idea from abowlfullofLemons. The credit goes to the bowl full of lemons for this. You just need to grab the paper binders of different colors and label them as per your requirements, the most common are car, pet, health, manuals, and receipts, etc. You won’t have to go through the paper jungle after this. Taking out a paper in a time of need will be a breeze! Give it a try, you just need to sort them out first, gather the courage. You can do it!

document organization idea

10. Dining table Organizer 

Sometimes the simplest idea is worth quite much like this one, where you just need to put a tray or a lazy Suzan, and your cookie jars and salt sellers are organized in just one place. Neat and classy! We love this lazy Suzan on amazon which is worth buying as it adds a rustic feel to your dining apart from organizing it.

lazy suzan for dining table organization Buy it here –

That’s it for now! Don’t forget to pin the ideas and share these with your friends!

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