The quality of your today’s sleep decides your tomorrow’s productivity. Yes, it’s true! Sleeping late on the weekdays can lead to slowness in work completion, lethargy, and over-consumption of those wake-up coffees.

Recent studies have shown that a lack of sleep can destroy a significant number of brain cells(neurons) and the brain pathways. Not just this:

  • This phenomenon leads to thought repetition, anxiety and stress in the sleep-deprived person.
  • This also makes a person prone to the neurological disorders like Alzheimer’s disease, depression, and other mental health disorders.
  • The effect of lack of sleep is not only on the brain but on other vital functions too, like the less active immune system, lower sex-drive, poor balance, weight-gain and even high risk of diabetes.
  •  Surprisingly, a poor night’s sleep can take you to everyone’s nightmare, that is Cancer. Unfortunately, lack of sleep predisposes a person to breast cancer, colon cancer, and even prostate cancer.
  • Not to mention the lack of concentration, early signs of aging (beauty sleep is real) and unhealthy heart.

John Hopkins has put all the bad effects of sleep-deprivation in this infogram:

Here is why A poor night’s sleep starts at the beginning of the day and how to deal with it:

1. Sedentary lifestyle

No physical activity throughout the day is not good for your good night sleep and getting up from your chair and doing all those daily-chores doesn’t count. If you make a living through a computer then this is for you.

What should be done: A Minimum of 30 minutes workout is a bare necessity. This workout can be a brisk walk, Swimming, cycling, Jumping jacks or a combination of all.  


2. Excess junk food

junk food reduces sound sleep

Devouring on the junk food during the day will make you sleepy but only in the day, because of the sugar-rush and immediate burst of calories. After that, it will just increase your cholesterol and make you fat.

What should be done: Staying on a healthy diet and not missing your meals will give your body the calories for the whole day and also keeps you awake as well as productive. Don’t forget your water!


3. Coffee consumption during late hours

The coffee which you take just before leaving your office is not required. As you are done for the day and don’t need that extra caffeine to spend time with your family and pets. So it’s a big no-no.

What to do: You can replace that will green tea which will calm you down and will give some extra set of antioxidants too. (Green tea will swipe away all your acne as well!Yay!!!)


4. Naps are bad for you

Day naps and especially the evening naps can hinder the quality as well as the quantity of sleep you will be having at night. Sleeping at odd hours or taking many short naps are not allowed.

What to do: Avoid the naps and if you can’t then take just one nap of 30-45 minutes per day.


5. Your bedroom is your office

working on bed is not good for a sound sleep

Staying in your bed all day will make your sleep go away. We know that you love your bed and also love to work in your pajamas, but if you work from home, then try to stay away from your bed while you are working.

What to do: Don’t use your bed until you want to sleep. This will help you work better and sleep like a baby (whenever you hit the bed).

P.S  – Don’t hit that snooze button! That snooze button that you hit in the morning will cost you in the night.So be an early riser (it’s not as hard as it sounds) and you will be surprised to become an early sleeper too.

Life looks more pretty and easy with some good night sleep!Zzzzzzzzzzzz.

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