This is the ultimate acne treatment solution with just one ingredient! All your acne worries will come to an end with this simple to follow, easy to apply and most importantly, very effective home remedy for acne treatment. After doing lots of research and using all the high-end acne-treatment remedies, I stumbled upon this ancient home remedy to treat almost every skin problem. Believe me acne is the mildest of them all. 

Whether you are suffering from mild acne on your face, big nodules on your face & neck or the wicked pustules, this pimple remedy works on all of them. For starters, please resist the urge to pop a pimple and calm down, your agony is soon going to be over!




Just one simple humble ingredient, NEEM also known as Nimtree, Indian Liliac or Azadirachta Indica and some water.


What needs to be done with neem leaves for Acne Treatment?


  • Pluck some neem leave along with their stalk. about 25-35 leaves will be required. Boil them with their tender stalk in about 1.5 liter water.
  • Put the flame to minimum setting once the water boils.
  • Let it simmer for 15 minutes, half-covered. after that switch off the flame and let it cool down of its own.


How to Apply the Neem Solution on Acne Affected Area?


After it gets cooled down to the room temperature, now you can use it many ways. 

1. USE IT AS A NIGHT SERUM – Wash your face thoroughly with the anti-acne facewash, then dip the cotton in the neem solution and gently dab it on the acne. Take another piece of fresh cotton and dab the rest of the face with the neem solution to prevent any new acne growths. Now go to sleep (make sure your pillow cover is clean and dust-free). You will notice the reduced size of the pimples the next day. Apply it every night if your acne is big and have pus in them (pustules). 


2. USE AS A TONER IF YOU HAVE ACNE-PRONE SKIN – If you want to treat and prevent the acne then transfer this solution in a bottle with 1/4rth part of apple cider vinegar in it. Add some drops of your favorite essential oil to it. VOILA! Your new toner is ready at home! Use it after cleaning your face and followed by the moisturizer or gel of your choice.


3. ADD IT TO YOUR CLAY MASK – This is a brilliant use of the neem solution to make it sit for a longer time on your face. Clay masks work wonders on your acne-prone skin by absorbing excess oil, absorbing excess heat and treating the acne and breakouts. Use neem solution instead of or in combination of rose-water to get rid of those nasty pimples and say hello to a beautiful, acne-free clear skin! A perfect acne-treatment solution that you need to follow all your life to get rid of any kind of skin disease including acne.

Healthyly wishes you acne-free clear skin forever!


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