11 Vitamin E Uses that will Blow your Mind & Lighten up your Face, like Literally

Vitamin E uses to solve skin problems

Vitamin E is the new hyped vitamin for glowing and younger-looking skin. People are popping it and cutting the capsules to use the vitamin E oil on skin and hair and what not! We at Healthyly, tried to find out whether it really does what it claims? If you are looking for a small yes or no, then it’s a YES with a but. As you should know what are its side effects and when you should stop taking them. This article focuses on vitamin E uses its sources, how to take it, and the possible side-effects as well.

What is Vitamin E?

It is a Fat-soluble vitamin, which means it is stored in the liver and other fatty tissues. So if you keep on taking it endlessly, it will keep on depositing under your skin and other fat cells. As it can not be made by the body so you need to take it from your diet or tablets. We advise you to take less than 1000mg daily otherwise it can have some side effects. Vitamin E helps in the regeneration of cells, so it can be a game-changer to prevent aging.

Signs of Vitamin E deficiency

Signs of vitamin E deficiency can be quite subtle to notice, some of them are acne, blemish, pigmentation, dull skin, looking older than your age, muscle weakness, pain, difficulty in maintaining your balance, etc. Difficulty in maintaining your balance is also a sign of vitamin b12 deficiency among many others such as grey hair at a young age, mouth ulcers, and fatigue, etc. Do check out our vitamin B12 deficiency signs article if you are experiencing any such signs.

Sources of Vitamin E

Primary Sources of vitamin E are
– Vegetable oils, wheat germ oil, olive oil,
– Fruits, kiwi, avocado, mango, grapes, apple, banana
– Cereals and rice
– Eggs
– Nuts like peanuts, almonds and sunflower seeds, cashew
– Veggies like spinach broccoli, tomato, soybean, potato
– Honey
– Coconut oil contains vitamin E, so take the cold-pressed coconut oil

We try to support vegetarianism, so if you want to know about the non-vegetarian sources of vitamin E, then please refer to our references. Thanks. 

Vitamin E Uses

1. It Slows down the progress of Alzheimer’s – As it helps in the transmission of messages from one neuron to another in the brain, ample vitamin E is known to slow down the progression of such nervous system disorders.

2. Decreases menstrual pains – When taken 2 days before starting the period and during the first three days of your period, these holy tabs are known to decrease those annoying menstrual pains. It helps in alleviating all PMS symptoms as well. Read why we bleed every month.

3. Improves Male fertility – It is an aphrodisiac (libido/sex-drive booster) and increases sperm count as well. So if you are thinking about making a baby anytime soon, vitamin E will always help!

4. Can help in Fatty liver – The studies suggest that taking vitamin E can help in the non-alcoholic type fatty liver symptoms. We suggest you ask your doctor before taking it.

5. Antioxidant – Vitamin E slows down the decaying of the organs by acting as an antioxidant. That means it prevents your skin cells from aging after coming in contact with oxygen like the iron rots, the cut apple turns brown, etc. Our skin is the largest organ, so it helps in keeping your skin young and healthy.

6. Eye- Health – Research has shown that Vitamin E intake decreases the occurrence of cataracts that occur due to aging. So good eyes, glowing skin, what else do you need!

7. Helps in healing the Scar – Although there are many studies that advise against the scar healing property of vitamin E, I suggest that you should ask your dermatologist if and when you can use the vitamin E oil on your scar. Vitamin E helps in scar healing by hydrating the area, restricting the collagen growth in that area, and reducing the inflammatory response like redness, swelling, etc.

8. Cancer Prevention – Strange but to some extent it does protect you from cancer (including skin cancer) as well as heart disease. Refer to our privileged references at the bottom if you want to know more.

9. A Skin Genie – This one is quite obvious, it moisturizes the skin, so that it remains hydrated and hydrated skin doesn’t age easily. That’s why people with oily skin tend to have fewer wrinkles than people with dry skin. Skincare in your 30s should be more enhanced and sunscreen is a must. I am in love with my new sunscreen which is tender coconut fluid by forest essentials. One pump is perfect for my oily skin. This link will take you to amazon.in and if you are one of those US readers, here are some recommendations (as i was not able to find this sunscreen on amazon.com, prefer that if you find that) –

10. Nail’s best friend – Your cuticle oil mostly has vitamin E as it makes the nails shiny and well-nourished, preventing yellowing as well. Needless to say that it helps in boosting their strength.

11. Hyperpigmentation and acne scar treatment – Many people advocate that when used as a spot treatment before going to bed, vitamin E oil has shown promising results in reducing blemishes and acne scars. My own experience with this Good Vibes Vitamin E De-Pigmentation Skin Serum has been quite fulfilling, however, my blemishes have not gone completely, they have certainly become lighter.

How to take Vitamin E

  1. Take orally by the tablets (not more than 1000 IU per day)
  2. Apply on the skin the vitamin E oil once or twice a week to get the best of vitamin E uses
  3. To use Vitamin E for Skin Benefits, Use it before bed and make sure your face is clean before applying it as it can clog pores if your face has dirt on it and more acne will be the result. Mix vitamin E oil with a carrier oil as per your skin type (coconut, olive, jojoba, etc), or use the vitamin E serum as it is. Do some good circulatory movements draining towards the ear, sit back and relax. Go to your beauty sleep now. It’s not easy being a woman!

Precautions While Taking Vitamin E

If you are pregnant, breastfeeding, had surgery recently or suffering from cancer or any pre-existing disease such as diabetes then you should ask your healthcare provider before taking the vitamin E dosages.
Vitamin E uses and efficacy decreases when exposed to extreme heat and prolonged exposure to sunlight, so keep that serum in your closet and those capsules in your organized medicine cabinet.

Side effects of Vitamin E Usage

  1. Can increase the risk of bleeding in case of surgery. So if you are about to undergo surgery, then stop taking vitamin E 2 weeks prior to it.
  2. Take only the prescribed dosage, or try to take it just thrice a week only. ( I do this 🙂
    If you have suffered from any heart-related issues or any type of cancer in the past, then it is best to avoid taking vitamin E.
  3. Can cause an allergic reaction in some.

A secret – Coconut oil is the organic source of vitamin E, and we Indians have been using it for decades to reduce the scar appearance. Do try the organic cold-pressed coconut oil by forest essentials (link for Indian Readers) if you don’t have any at hand. Getting the cold-pressed one from the locals is the best and will run easy on your pocket though, I don’t have any such facility in my area, if you have any though, please use that first. Here are some coconut oil uses for your skin and hair. Here are some suggestions for the US and other country users, if you guys have cold weather there, then this forest essential bottle will give you a hard time as the oil will solidify and won’t come out until you keep it in hot water. If you are ready for that pain, then it will be one of the best buys. however, you are free to choose to get the best of your vitamin E uses –

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Dr. Pratishtha (P.T) is a Physical therapist (orthopedics) by education. She loves Nature, Skincare, Organized Spaces, Researching, and Holistic Healthcare. Whenever She is not working, she is Definitely watching Netflix and procrastinating on reading a book! Find her on Linkedin.

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