Sensitive skin is the skin type that is highly sensitive to the harsh chemicals, fragrances and even the strong natural products. It is not necessary that you will observe a reaction immediately after using the new product but it will react in near future. The reaction can be redness, itching, burning, acne, pimples or breakout.
You may be clueless about what is suddenly causing such symptoms as these reactions are late in most of the sensitive skin types.


Let’s find out if you have this Baby princess type of SENSITIVE Skin that irritates with just a scrub you made at home-


1. You RUB it and it becomes RED

This is one of the most obvious and easily identifiable sign on sensitive skin. You may have heard from your beautician that your skin turns red while doing a facial or cleanup. Well, that was just a sign!


2. You Have Acne Prone Skin

As the sensitive skin doesn’t react the way you want it to. Your sister’s big charcoal face wash may not be liked by your princess skin. You break out too often even in your 30s. Nothing seem wrong, your periods are normal, your hormones good, you are doing beginner-yoga too! Then it has to be your sensitive skin.


3. Oily Face, Dry Body

You clean your face with a high-end face wash and your forehead starts shining after just 2 hours. If it looks familiar then read on…. The sebum is produced more in the face after you clear all the oil from your face with a harsh oil-cleaning  face wash. This results in extra-oil, blocked pores, blackheads and the ultimate nightmare, acne!


4. New fancy clothes make your Shoulders and Back the Pimple-Land

Certain fabrics, jewels, embossed work on the clothes and the chemicals present in new clothes make you prone to acne. If these things look familiar to you then you are going to solve a big puzzle of your life and heading towards an acne-free glowing future skin.


5. Weather Conditions affect your skin more than the others

if you happen to go out in the sun for just 10 minutes and come back with a zebra mark then you are likely to have a sensitive skin. The skin that gets tan easily, reacts to the changing weather (more than your dog) is the one we are calling as princess skin now!


So Now we know if we have that extra-special baby like Sensitive-Skin, Let’s find out how to deal with it.


1. Stay away from harsh chemical-filled face-washes and lotions.

2. Invest in the products marked as ‘hypoallergenic’ ‘non-comedogenic’ ‘sensitive skin special’ etc. we love a few brands that are gentle on skin and help treat acne as well such as Simple, Cetaphil, Neutrogena and Aveeno etc. You can buy these by clicking on their respective image –

These products may be a little on the pricier side but they are worth the purchase as they will last for more than a month.

3. Use silicone based foundation to get a perfect makeup finish and to avoid any after-party breakouts. These may not be very effective for dry skin so do buy a tester or travel pack first.

4. Ditch the perfumes and invest in essential oils. if you are a fan of fragrances then buy some high-end mild fragrances like estee-lauder etc. These stay longer and give you an edge over those common fragrances.

5. Always do a patch test before starting a new product, and as the reactions are late in sensitive skin, you need to apply the  product on your forearm skin or behind your ear for about a week.

6. Consult a dermatologist if the problem persists.

7. Never over wash or over scrub your face! Don’t wash your face more than twice a day. Don’t scrub unless its quite necessary and use the sensitive skin scrub only.

8. Always apply a lotion of at least 15 SPF in your daily routine, even if you stay inside most of the times.

9. Opt a natural oil for a body lotion such as coconut oil, baby oil, olive oil etc.

10. Use Micellar Cleansing Water instead of a makeup remover as it is gentle on the skin and works perfectly.

11. Always use warm showers instead of hot in winters. Cold water is the best in other seasons.

12. Wash your new clothes in a mild detergent before wearing them for the whole day.

13. Prefer cotton fabric over the artificial ones such as satin,synthetic,brocade etc.

14. Chances are its temporary, but even if your skin remains sensitive throughout your life, you can have it all by following these simple tips.

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