Amazing Solar Light Ideas To Turn Your Garden & Outdoor Area Into a Fairyland!

The Solar lights have many advantages over the tradition electricity bulbs and LEDs. You just need to fix it once and leave the rest to the Sun almighty. As, this is the best time to go green and prepare for the hot sunny days that are about to come. These beautiful lights are a must to make your outdoors look beautiful without burning a hole in your pocket. We have carefully chosen the best products for you from amazon which are affordable and durable as well.


1. Motion Sensor 20 LED Solar Lights


These are your best bet as they are wireless and waterproof. Just fix it where you want it, just make sure it has sun rays coming to it all for the maximum time and that’s it. It will start glowing of its own at dawn and will remain on the whole night. Not just this, it has a motion sensor and whenever anyone is near it, it starts showing bright light for about 15-20 seconds. This weatherproof solar light will be a good addition for the people who love to go-green!



2. Hummingbird, Dragonfly Lights for those beautiful & Subtle Evenings


solar hummingbird lights for garden

These beautiful lights give you a feeling of having these beautiful dragonflies and hummingbirds around. This amazing fairy-tale experience is out of this world. These waterproof lights have a solar panel attached to them. You just need to put them in direct sunlight and enjoy the subtle lights of these tiny creatures around. Did I tell you, they change colors too!

You can buy them by clicking this –                      

3. Hang & Stick Color Changing Solar Lights


solar lights for garden

These solar lights are a unique and elegant choice. Their advantage is that they look beautiful even during the day. They have beautiful color changing effects and you can choose one color as well or switch off the color changing mode. The disadvantage is that they are a bit pricey, now the choice is yours! You can buy them here –



4. Lantern Solar Lights for beautiful Pathways


solar lights for garden or outdoors

These are one step forward in the price section but equally elegant as well. These table Mashaals like lanterns can be used in the pathways or they can be hanged with the hooks attached to it. The advantage is the flickering light type design and 75 piece LED in one lantern piece. It is for pure decorative purposes and don’t buy it if you want to keep it for bright light purpose. Here is the link from Amazon –

5.  Lights for the boundary of your Garden


pathway garden lights

This one and the similar ones come in a pack of 10 LEDs pieces. They are enough to cover the boundary of a small garden. Just dig it in the mud and let the sunlight fall on it whole day. It will start glowing at night. Its a great addition to your vegetable garden as well. Follow the instructions carefully to have the full benefit of these solar lights. You can grab a pack of 10 here –


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soalr light ideas for garden

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