11 things you must do this Earth Day!

earth day 11 things to do

On this Earth Day, we are providing you the 11 best ideas to get involved in saving and nourishing the earth. In all religious scriptures, the earth has been considered as a mother who gives us shelter, feeds us, make us play in her lap and provides us resources to replenish our daily needs.

Don’t you think that we also have some duties towards our mother nature!

We all scold people who leave their parents in old-age-homes, but aren’t we doing the same with our mother nature? We are constantly using its resources without trying to replenish even a bit of them (some are definitely doing their part well but most of us are not). Here, we are going to tell you some easy ways we can contribute to our planet:-

1. Sow two seeds Today

As said by Rabindranath Tagore, “ Trees are the earth’s endless effort to speak to the listening heaven.” 

So it’s our duty to plant enough trees so these talks keep going seamlessly. All you need to do is:

  • Buy saplings from your nearby nursery in as low as 20 or 30 Rs/piece. Or
  • Take out the seeds of one lemon and sow them.
  • Cut a tomato and just cover it with soil (just 1 and a half-inch deeper)
  • Basically, sow any seed that your fruit or vegetable is giving you. They are there for a purpose and that purpose is definitely not the ‘dustbin’
  • Keep some plants at home, they will uplift your senses and give you a cleaner air.

2. Feed the Birds

You will think that no birds are there in your surroundings but you will never know until you keep some food and water for them on your terrace or boundary walls.

You will be surprised by the number of birds who will start coming to your house and it’s always good to have some chirpy friends around!


bird food

3. Feed your street dogs

As Josh Billings said “ A dog is the only thing on earth who loves you more than he loves himself” The dogs wandering in your street are your responsibility. If the dogs in a street are strong and healthy then the street has good people otherwise just the self-centered lazy bums.

How about some bread and milk for those wagging tails! It would be great to feed any animal you can find, be it a cow, dog or monkey. Everyone gets hungry!

monkey eating food


4. Honey, Did you see that comb!

In India, it’s not rare to see a honeycomb on the trees in parks or if you are lucky then in your backyard. Don’t be afraid if you see one, they are harmless creatures unless poked! (just like us).

Do them a favor and keep an earthy pot filled with water for them. Try to refill it every day. All they need is water and some flowers in your garden. You will smile when you see them gather around that pot and drink water while wagging their stings, just like dogs do with their tails! With that, you will see mother nature smiling at you. Bees are very important for the planet, no wonder that an American company ‘cheerios’ is giving away millions of seeds free of cost to the people who are working to save bees. As they say, that we will remain on this planet, till Bees are here.

5. Polybags aren’t earth-friendly

Try not to use any polythene bags and if you have no other option, then try to reuse the ones that you have, instead of dumping them. As dumping these polythene bags is what is creating the major problem by creating soil pollution. Try buying Khaadi or jute bags or any other fabric bags. Keep one in your car always. Who doesn’t like to flaunt a classy bag? Are you listening to ladies?

6. Push the buttons

Not of your wife’s of course, just the electric ones! Make sure you switch off lights, fans etc the moment you step outside your room. Switch off the Air Conditioners when not in use (Your pocket will thank you for this).

7. Solar Panels- Every Terrace’s Dream

Solar panels are one of the best inventions of the mankind ( Russell Oh was the first inventor of silicon solar cell) to utilize the natural resources better! If you are living in sunny countries like India and other Asian countries, then you should get those solar panels installed and see the magic for yourself. They have the backup too in case the day is cloudy. We have some beautiful solar garden lights ideas for you.

soalr light ideas for garden


8. Keep your surroundings clean

Don’t litter!

Please put the packets and wrappers in your bag or pocket if you can’t find any dustbin nearby. The trash that people throw on the beaches leads to many life-threatening conditions to the sea animals. The same case goes for the animals eating from the garbage dumps.

9. Save Water

Ya, as it goes ‘save water, bath together’ but we advise you to bathe alone using a bucket instead of a shower, as showers waste more water. As it is, taking shower with your partner will make you spend more time with it. Isn’t it!

10. Let the technology save the world

Some measures like

  • Use e-bills and opt-out from paper ones.
  • Also, exchange your phones while purchasing a new one if possible.
  • You can also sell your phone, laptops, and other e-waste for recycling by contacting many Indian sites, they even pick up your electronic waste from your home and pay you for it!

11. Be a Herbal Monica

  • If you are an insane cleaner, then avoid chemicals and use the herbal products like lemon, vinegar, and baking soda.
  • You will be amazed by their use in every nook and corner of your house, right from cleaning taps to your sofa.

There are innumerable things which you can do for our mother earth, she needs us right now! Let’s start by doing these 11 steps first on this earth day! We would love to know your innovative ideas to save the planet. Share them with us in the comment section below.

Bonus Trick– Start Your own Vegetable Garden and decrease your carbon print!

Till then remember “If it’s not earthy, it’s not worthy!” 

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