We live in the era of pesticides and now in the era of a pandemic as well. We are living in a time where our fruits and veggies are coated with poison and are causing cancer and other diseases, but hey, they are worm-free!

In order to get rid of the poisonous coating of the pesticides and any other virus such as COVID-19 or any other harmful chemicals, we are asked to wash the fruit thoroughly and buy those chemical-based cleaners from the store. We have even got the gadgets to wash them. Well, we have a tip for you which will save you from all such ordeal.

This tip is ‘Baking Soda’!

This old best-friend of every home-maker is all set to wash our apples now. We have the proof too, a study done by the Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry concludes that the soda bicarbonate aka baking soda is the most effective way of removing the pesticides from your veggies. It removed the impurities better than even the Clorox bleach!

How to use baking soda to Disinfect Fruits and Vegetables?

As Mckel Hill says in an article on Healthline,

  1. fill a bowl of water and add 3-4 tablespoon of baking soda in it
  2. Soak the veggies or fruits in this solution for 5-10 minutes (the study says it takes about 15 minutes to totally remove the pesticides.)
  3. Remove from the solution, rinse with normal water and devour!

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A word of Caution

As the study was done on the apples, the results indicate that the pesticides that penetrate within the skin of apple cannot be removed by the baking soda or any other solution such as tap water or bleach. So it is advised to remove the apple skin before consuming it or opt for organic apples. Needless to say that the fiber and the goodness of apple peel will be stripped away too.

We have a crazy solution – Grow your own apple tree! All the seeds are there for a reason in all the fruits and vegetables. Make some good use of it and plant them, who knows your kids will have their apples from that, without pesticides and infections!

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How harmful are these pesticides for us?

These pesticides get accumulated in our body and can lead to many serious diseases including cancer, liver diseases, kidney diseases and a decrease in immunity.  The pregnant women and children are more prone to such diseases and utmost care must be taken to remove these pesticides before consumption. Fruits with more amount of pesticides in them are apples, berries, grapes, peaches, spinach, capsicums or bell peppers etc.

Although, vinegar is also a great way to remove pesticides at home. Vinegar’s smell lingers on and baking soda is devoid of any smell. So you have another reason to choose it.

So from now on, no more pesticides should go inside you.

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