Becoming Vegan? Check out this ultimate Vegan lifestyle guide & Food facts!

veganism ultimate guide

Hi there! If you are an aspiring vegan then you are in the right place!

Sit tight! This guide contains the benefits of being vegan, which food is allowed and which is not, the Do’s & Don’t of being vegan, and where you can get all the help & motivation you need!

So, to begin with, a Vegan is a vegetarian with no eggs, no dairy products, and honey!

Basically, everything that belongs to an animal is forbidden. Veganism is a plant-based diet, where every diet source can only be from a plant and nothing else. Are you still there?

Great! so the vegans are no aliens and the good news is that vegan food can actually be delicious. You can eat all the grains in the world, all juicy fruits, all kinds of berries, dry fruits, veggies, and even vegan milk, and vegan cheese (we have got the winning recipe for you and It is actually very delicious.) You can eat Oreos too! Who would have thought that! phew…..

Read on to know more…

Benefits of Becoming a Vegan

Other than tasting all the herbs, spices, fruits, grains and veggies on the planet, there are some real benefits of being a vegan, and they all are pretty good!

  1. You will have a younger-looking skin as compared to your non-vegetarian friends. The reason is more anti-oxidants, vitamins, and minerals in your plant-based vegan diet.
  2. You will feel more energetic and less lethargic as there are no empty calories, just the real ones that work.
  3.  You get to eat amazing and you can save the animals too! Be your own PETA ambassador, you can live guilt-free and save those animals from getting slaughtered and pained just to sit dead on your plate.
  4.  Veganism is so environment-friendly, you are in that super league of saving the earth and its cute little creatures!
  5. Veganism has been proven to decrease the extent of obesity and other lifestyle disorders.
  6. Being a vegan, you actually stay away from processed meat which is known to cause cancer. So Yay! least chances of catching cancer too.
  7. A vegan diet has been known to be linked with a healthy heart and more controlled blood sugar levels.
    So it is a boon for people suffering from diabetes.

How to Start with Veganism?

  • Give it some time

    Only a few can sleep non-vegetarian/vegetarian and get up vegan in the morning. Others need time. So give yourself a few weeks.

  • Go Step by step

If you are a non-vegetarian then shift to a vegetarian lifestyle first, then proceed to vegan. if you are just trying to lose weight with a vegetarian diet then the GM diet plan for vegetarians is worth a try.

  • Be open to new tastes/foods/ flavors

    Increase your comfort zone, and let your palate taste the stir-fried broccoli and spicy aubergines too.

  • Be creative

    Yes, learn to make a good stir fry veggies, vegan options are as vast as the whole world out there. You need to be creative with your food too. Try the fresh fruit juice and stuffed paranthas, poha, and Rava uttapam (you know them by heart if you are an Indian) if they are new to you then check Dassana Amit’s blog, veg recipes of India for these easy recipes.

  • Don’t miss your essential nutrients

    You are not on a diet or fast. You are changing your whole lifestyle here. So be as creative as you want to, but never miss your nutrients.

  •  Find the vegan group near you or here are some on Facebook/Twitter There are lots of vegan groups on Facebook and Twitter.  So hop on and join the league!
  • Stay motivated about veganism

    It is important to keep reminding yourself why you even started on this lifestyle change thing. So watching the inspiring videos and staying connected with the vegan world is a must. We are a fan of livekindly.

  • Some of the websites that can help

    These websites will be your go-to place when you feel low or out of options. They are Vegan society, Vegan first (especially for Indian vegans),  one green planet, etc. These three are our personal favorites for vegan food and more!

Farm to Fork – What can go on your plate – Basics of Vegan Diet

There are millions of plant-based yummy food sources to devour, here we are listing the main ones:

1. Milk Substitutes

So you can’t drink the milk as it is meant for the calf and not you. Your options are coconut milk, soy milk, almond milk, cashew milk, and even rice milk! Yes, it exists!


2. Use coconut oil instead of butter

It tastes amazing and there are amazing benefits of coconut oil too!


3. Learn to bake without eggs

Make friends with applesauce, apple cider vinegar, and avocados. You can replace eggs and dairy in any recipe if you know what you want. This infographic from connoisseurusveg can help you, also her vegan baking recipes are worth a read too.

vegan baking guide

4. Eat whole grains, fruits, nuts, seeds, veggies, green leafy veggies, olives, and everything that hangs from a tree! (except the squirrels of course!)

Growing your own vegetable garden at home will inspire you to do better every day.

5. Take your Proteins

Don’t skip your chickpea salad, tofu, beans, pulses, lentils, peanuts, rice, potatoes, broccoli, and even green peas. Add a good serving of protein to your every meal.


6. Get your Calcium

In order to avoid any deficiencies, the green leafy veggies, fruits, almonds, soy, and flaxseeds (great in omega-3 as well) are a must to have. Give a place to the sprouts in your breakfast.


7. Make your own Cheese

Yes, you can make your own cheese with cashews, almonds, tofu, and hell yeah from potatoes too! these cheese recipes from one green planet are worth checking out for every vegan. Your welcome 🙂


8. Other than the food

Stay active and love your sunshine vitamin (vitamin D). So spend 15 to 20 minutes in sun every day to make the calcium absorption better in your body.


9. Vegan Ice creams

Yes, they very much exist and are super yummy too. Check them out at the spruce blog.


10. Whenever you think of quitting

Don’t give up. Try the once-a-week cheating day instead. This is much better than going to the old animal-killing or stealing-the-kids-milk routine again!

Don’t Do these things When You Go VEGAN!

  • Don’t be apologetic for your food choices
  • Don’t starve, just be creative!
  • Don’t let them tell you how your food tastes, because you can have the chocolates, brownies, and snacks of your choice too!
  • Eat all the food groups, not just the grains or just protein but a balance of all.

What does Spirituality say about Vegan Food Choices?

As per old Indian scriptures and the culture, Vegan food comes under the best consumable food category which is Satvik.  Satvik food gives you purity of thoughts, it makes you a better version of yourself. It is what differentiates you from animal nature, it tells you not to hurt anyone physically as well as mentally.

It is the best way to make a life worth living! A journey to the Nirvana starts here….

Books to Buy when going Vegan

if you are a fan of cookbooks then we have taken out the two most amazing cookbooks (feel free to check out more)


A piece of advice for all beginner Vegans

Buy your vegan supplies and other grocery items from local vendors and avoid shipping from around the world. This will help serve the environment better. We must credit ‘the independent’ for this vegan food for thought! )

Also, use seasonal veggies, and grow a kitchen garden if you can! Also, don’t forget to check out the restaurants near you on google. You never know you have many amazing places to explore!

P.S – You can eat Oreos, pasta, and popcorn!

A Physiotherapist (orthopedics) by education, loves nature, coffee, beauty and everything cute n organized! Did I say coffee?

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