10 Easy Holi Hacks To Prepare Your Skin Before Holi

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Holi is a festival of colors and while some of us enjoy it to the core, others just hate it. The reason behind that is the harmful colors and the skin damage it can create. So make sure to prepare your skin before Holi with these hacks. It is a must to protect your skin from harmful colors. Holi has its charm in the natural Holi colors, regional cuisines, and raunchy dance numbers. How can we forget the bhaang!

Well, when played with lots of sense and dignity, Holi is an amazing festival. If you are all set to change the mood and enjoy this festival of colors then we have some amazing ideas for you that will make your holi a memorable one.

For starters, prepare yourself well before going out in the fun parade. Here are a few tips to set the skin all ready to face the colors-

How to Prepare Your Skin Before Holi


  1. Oil your hair and scalp – Coconut oil works best for coating your scalp and cover your hair. It protects your hair and scalp from the damage of colors. You can also use it as a moisturizer for other exposed areas of your body such as arms, legs, hands, etc. Coconut oil is your skin’s best friend, know all coconut oil benefits here.


  1. Sunscreen is a must – Don’t ditch this as this will make a shield on your skin. It will protect it from sun rays as well as the holi colors/gulaal. Sunscreen should be a must in everyday skincare as well, not using sunscreen is one of those mistakes that age you.  


  1. Use vaseline petroleum jelly on your ears – This is a must as it will be very difficult to remove the color from the nicks n corners of your ears. So cover it with vaseline petroleum jelly so that the gulal comes out easily. If your skin is not acne-prone then you can apply this petroleum jelly on your face and body as well, it will provide a thick shield to your skin. However, if you are prone to acne then it’s a no-no for you. Try these tips from our acne treatment section. 


  1. Aloe Vera Gel for your arms and exposed areas – Apply aloe vera gel liberally on your arms, hands, feet, and other exposed areas of your skin. This will create a barrier and protect your skin from getting damaged. As the color can stick into the dry skin pores, keeping them filled with the goodness of aloe vera will prepare your skin before holi. 


  1. Wear clothes that cover your skin the most – Well, we are not asking you to wear a bodysuit on holi but you can wear full sleeves clothes at least. Steer clear of those light colors that can make your outfit transparent when wet. Choose dark colors and thick fabric instead. You can wear a bandana as well, it will look cool and will protect your hair as well!


  1. Nail Paint will save your nails – Yes, it will! You can opt for transparent nail paint or a colored one. The transparent nail paint has an added benefit that it can be applied to the cuticles as well, this will prevent the color from entering inside your nails. As we all know, the color inside the nails is very annoying and can pose some health risks as well.
  1. Don’t Forget the lip Balm – Protecting your lips is a must, so apply your lip balm generously or vaseline can come to the rescue if you don’t have a lip balm. Holi colors can make them chapped so don’t forget this important step.
  1. Don’t wear contact Lenses – As foolish as it may sound, some of us want to look good at those holi parties. You look good with your spectacles too, just don’t wear contact lenses as any color drawn in the eyes can cause more irritation and will stick to those lenses forever. On the other hand, your glasses will act as a protector of your eyes too.

            Don’t worry about the looks, everyone is going to look the same within 15 minutes of starting the party! 😉

  1.  Use Organic Holi Colors – Organic colors will make you feel great and you won’t have to worry about rushing to the shower at once! Read this post about how to make holi colors at home to make your own gulaal this holi. 
  1. How about Shades & caps? – Well they look stylish and protect your skin too!

How to make Holi Colors at Home

So, when you are all set to have fun and play around with the colors. Take a good look at your choice of colors, always look for the natural ingredients to make your own colors. These colors will pamper your skin and you just feel so good that it feels like a spa!

It can range from our very own fuller’s earth (Multani mitti), hibiscus flower powder, marigold flowers, Hena, Sandalwood powder, and even Gram flour. Get the detailed guide about how to make holi colors at home that will make you feel like a spa.

For Post-holi skincare, refer to this article.

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