Deep Tissue Massage : Is this the Ultimate Answer to Your Pains?

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Deep Tissue Massage, as the name suggests is a massage with deep pressure to increase blood circulation and promote healing. Therapists use it to break any scar tissue formed in the muscles in response to an injury. 

It is the perfect massage to release the knots in the muscles and give you that ‘ahaaa’ feeling. This deep tissue massage is generally performed by a trained physical therapist or a trained massage therapist to release the muscle spasm and promote good blood flow in the body areas.

Let’s find out what can this deep tissue massage do and whether you can do it at home or not!


Deep Tissue Massage(DTM) Benefits 

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  • Muscle Pain Treatment – This massage focuses on pain relief and releasing muscle tension. Applying deep pressure to your muscle areas targets the problem areas and digs deeper to release the cause of the problem. If you are suffering from back pain, then try this back pain massage to treat it at home. 
  • Good for Various musculoskeletal disorders – In the case of sports injuries, heel pain (plantar fasciitis), unexplained pains all over the body (fibromyalgia), chronic back pain, postural problems, etc, deep tissue massage has shown promising results. 
  • Sets Things Straight – Like literally, DTM is the perfect massage to release those annoying knots only you can feel and adhesions as well as muscle spasms.

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DTM Side Effects

  • Soreness – You can (bet me you will) feel sore after receiving it but it will get better with time. 
  • Not Good for Certain people – If you are one who can’t withstand pressure on your muscle or you think you have tenderness in your problem areas, then you should not opt for deep tissue massage as it won’t be a very comfortable session for you. 
  • People with these diseases must avoid DTM – If you are sensitive to touch, undergoing chemotherapy, have a tumor, have an inflammation going on, are pregnant, have severe osteoporosis or are on blood thinners, suffering from skin problems then deep tissue massage is a big NO for you. 
  • Some people may feel headaches, nausea, and excessive fatigue after the massage session. If the problem persists, then contact your massage therapist right away.


How to Give a Deep Tissue Massage at Home

Lady getting massage therapy with stones
Relaxed girl with stones on her back

If you are specifically looking for a deep tissue massage then a therapist can do it for you in a much better way. However, if you are just trying to soothe the sore muscles or want to aid some relaxation, then simply an abhyanga or ayurvedic massage is your best bet. 

In order to give a massage to someone for back pain or any other pain related to fatigue, circular motions with gentle to deep pressure always helps. 

Make sure you don’t apply pressure on the bones (especially the spine area) and keep your pressure gentle but firm. Using a massage oil or any kind of lubrication is advised to avoid pressure sores in sensitive skin people. You can refer to this wikiHow article for details.

Deep Tissue Massage Gun 

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If you can’t find someone in your vicinity to give you a back massage or if you are shy enough not to go to a massage clinic, then the deep tissue massage gun is the answer for you. Everyone loves this bestseller on amazon for a reason. 

Just Buy This Massage Gun for just 69$ (don’t miss this sale price) and be your own masseuse. However, if you have a known bone or joint condition then don’t forget to ask your therapist before using this. 

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Deep Tissue Massage (DTM) vs Swedish Massage 

  • DTM is mainly focused on pain relief, whereas Swedish massage’s main purpose is relaxation.
  • DTM uses more pressure and targets the deeper muscle and fascia areas than Swedish massage, which focuses on the skin and superficial muscles only.
  • DTM is usually performed with your clothes off while Swedish massage can be performed with clothes still on. (best for the shy brigade!)


Question 1. What to do after getting a Deep Tissue Massage? 

Answer. You should use a hot pack after getting a deep tissue massage session so that you won’t feel much sore after the massage session. Taking rest, relaxing and not lifting heavy weights, and avoiding sports activity for two days will give you better results. As it will give your muscles some time to relax and set in their optimal position.


Question 2.  Can I get a Deep tissue Massage for Muscle Soreness? 

Answer. Yes, you can get a deep tissue massage for muscle soreness from a therapist. Although it depends on your tolerance level, and how much pressure your sore muscle can withstand.


Question 3. Is it good to get a Deep tissue massage?

Answer. Deep tissue massage is great for good circulation, to break the adhesions and knots that our tense body muscles might be having. A general feeling of ‘free’ and an ‘ease of movement’ will prevail after your DTM session. 


Question 4. How painful is a deep-tissue massage?

Answer. Deep tissue massage goes deep with firm pressure, so it can feel uncomfortable but it should not feel painful. If you are experiencing pain then ask your therapist to ease the pressure. 

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Man getting deep tissue massage for shoulder pain

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