Are You Spending time with Yourself? Here are 5 Ways to Do it

me time

Hey You, Busy Bee!
Have you heard of ‘Me time’ before?

Ya, You did!

Then, why are you ignoring it every second of your day?

You are not!

Okay, Just ask yourself, ‘What was the last time you sat alone and took a dive into the ocean of nothingness!’

Didn’t get it.

Let us simplify it for you.

‘When was the last time you did something for yourself?’

This something for yourself can be:


  • Just sitting on your favorite sofa with your cup of coffee or tea
  • Reading an amazing book and forgetting about the surroundings
  • Cooking your favorite meal (spicing it the way YOU like!)
  • Sleeping with your favorite music in your ears
  • Cuddling and playing with your best buddy
  • Cleaning & Organizing your stuff
  • Or simply Shopping!

It can be anything, right from devouring chocolate to taking a detoxifying spa!

You need this time, every freaking day!

It doesn’t matter, what profession you are in, what gender you possess, you are married or a single father for that matter.

Do what you love!


  • To Love yourself is your duty towards your body, mind & soul.
  • To serve your loved ones better, you need to be happy first.
  • To energize yourself for your daily chores
  • To decrease the level of stress & frustration in yourself
  • To Improve your efficiency at work and overall Happiness Quotient of the family.


Here are a few ways you can take time out for yourself:

1. First thing in the Morning

This is the best time for that. Get up just 15 minutes earlier than you usually do. Sit near the plants or greenery in your home. Sip your favorite beverage and enjoy the peaceful mornings. This will clear your thoughts and you can decide your agenda for the day with better efficiency. All successful people do that too!


2. Inform your Family

If you are a housewife or you work from home, then it’s essential to inform your family about your me-time. Don’t hesitate! They love you and they will understand your needs too. You will be surprised by the way they support you and won’t disturb you in your me-time. Go Ahead, ask for it, you deserve it! Just be prepared for your Dog as S/he won’t leave you alone ever!


3. Take Advantage of Every Single Minute

Don’t waste time. For example, you want to knit or read in your free time, then keep your needles and book handy. Whenever you find as little as 10 minutes of free time, then grab your hobby and treat yourself!


4. Go for a Holiday

Even if it’s just for a weekend, even if it’s near your hometown, even if it’s just exploring a new hotel that you have been thinking of giving a try too! Just go for it. This will energize you for the whole month ahead. Don’t forget to take your favorite buddy along!


5. Maintain a Peaceful Mind

This one is the most important. It is the basic necessity of having me time. If you are not at peace, no book or movie can make you that. Don’t stretch the issues and the hatred, just forgive and move on! Meditation and breathing exercises can prove to be a great help! If You are having troubles with your partner or loved one, we recommend reading these 7 tips for improving your relationship like no other.

We sincerely wish you a quality time with yourself. Enjoy it to the core! Your feedback is much awaited! Till then

“ Meet your soul, talk to yourself and you will be amazed how easily you solve the biggest problems in your life! ”

Pratishtha is a Physical therapist (orthopedics) by education. She loves Nature, Skincare, Organized Spaces, Researching, and Holistic Healthcare. Whenever She is not working, she is Definitely watching Netflix and procrastinating on reading a book! Find her on Linkedin.

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