Summer is at its peak, Sun is shining quite bright on all of us (more than our needs)! Making a summer drink for diabetes people is not a piece of cake, well it is going to be now! Read on to make super-easy diabetes summer drinks. 

 Fortunately, there are lots of summer-drink options for the diabetes patients. We have done our research well and we now present you the amazing, refreshing world of diabetic-friendly summer vegan drinks!


1. Aam Panna/ Raw Mango Drink

The good old grandma styled aam panna/raw mango drink is good for diabetics too. All the citrus fruits are good to keep your sugar levels down. Green mango or unripe mango is used to make this typical Indian summer drink.

How to make?

Just boil some fresh and healthy green mangoes (ambi/Kairi) in ample water till soft. Remove their outer skin and take out the pulp. You can do it in a pressure cooker.

Put the pulp in a bowl and smoothen it with the help of a hand blender. Add water according to your taste, add some rock salt, roasted cumin powder, and some stevia leaves or a few drops of artificial sweetener.


Add some ice cubes and thank your stars for being born in India!

2. Herbal Water

This one is a great option than the boring water. This water will give you more minerals, looks pretty and will motivate you to stay hydrated.

How to Make?

Grab a glass pitcher, add some lemon slices, mint leaves, and coriander leaves. Crush them with a muddler. Now fill it with water till top and let it chill in the fridge for about 30 minutes. Now whenever you need water, drink this herbal water and replenish your minerals and control your sugar levels too!


3. Ice Tea with your favorite fruit (peach or lemon)

We are not talking about the store bought, high-in-sugar ice tea. We are talking about the homemade ice tea with our good old tea leaves. Our hot teas should also get a cool change in summers!

How to make?

Boil one teaspoon tea leaves in one glass of water for 2 minutes. Sieve it and add 1 teaspoon lemon juice in it. Keep the glass in the fridge and enjoy it chilled after adding a few stevia leaves or tablets. For peach flavored ice tea just cut the peaches in small bite-sized pieces and drop it in the glass before keeping it in the refrigerator.

This refreshing Ice tea is homemade and healthy too!


4. Berries Smoothie

This fruit punch will give you natural antioxidants and will also make you feel satiated for a long time. You can add fruits of your choice but make sure they are low on glycemic index, for example, citrus fruits and berries make the best choice.

How to make?

In a mixer/smoothie maker, add ice, milk or yogurt, half banana, strawberries, cherries(deseeded), dragon fruit, mint and nuts of your choice. Blend until smooth and serve chilled! You can top it with walnuts or almonds as well.


5. Ginger Ale

This world-famous drink is also diabetic-friendly. Ginger is good for keeping your blood sugar levels low and activating pancreas (insulin-producing organ). It prevents you from heat-strokes as well.

How to Make?

Add 1 teaspoon ginger juice or crushed ginger in one glass of chilled sparkling soda. Add 1 teaspoon lemon juice. Add some rock salt and a few Natural Stevia leaves or tablets according to your taste and enjoy!

6. Kaanji 

kaanji diabetes drink

This good old Indian beverage used to be there in every house in summers. The big glass jars full of this lovely red pungent drink were the style of welcoming summer. Nowadays those big jars are replaced by the sugary aerated cold drinks. Let’s take a walk down the streets of grandma’s lane and make kaanji this summer.

How to make?

Take about 250 gms of carrots (black carrots would be ideal). Some people prefer to peel them while others keep their skin on for a strong flavor. You can do it as per your choice. Cut it in long finger sized pieces. Boil around 6 to 8 cups of water and add carrots in it. Boil for about a minute and switch off the flame. Now add 1 teaspoon of salt and 2 teaspoon mustard seeds and keep the liquid in a glass jar. Keep it in the sun for 2-3 days. You can increase the amount of salt and mustard seeds according to your taste.

Once fermented, keep the Kaanji inside and serve chilled!


7. Watermelon Punch


Watermelon is like a deep shade in the sunny rays. The watermelon punch is easy to make summer-drink that will beat the heat and is also quite refreshing.

How to Make?

Put the pieces of watermelon(peeled and deseeded) in a jar and blend it with some rock salt and lemon zest. Pour it in a glass and add some mint leaves for freshness. You can also add some stevia tablets or leaves if you want some sweetness as well.


8. Lemonade

This is a no-brainer! No summer can feel special without a pitcher full of lemonade!

When life gives you summer, You make lemonade!

How to make it?

Make it in the old-fashioned Indian way. One lemon juice, some rock salt, stevia tablets  and give it a good stir while adding ice cubes or sparkling soda!

Enjoy the freshness!


9. Peach Mojito

This peach mojito is a drink from heaven, we are in love with this amazing punch of freshness and peachy flavor! You will love this drink too.

How to make it?

Add the peeled and chopped peach in a cocktail maker, add some ice and lemon pieces along with stevia and mint leaves. If you are adding artificial sweetener, then you can add it later. Using the muddler, muddle it properly and then add soda or water or a combination of both. Mix well, garnish with mint leaves and lemon slices and thank Dear God for Peaches! Anybody else remembers the ice age Peaches…or it’s just me!


10. Strawberry and Apple Slush

Do you remember the slush that used to be there in those big transparent self-churning jars on our favorite eatery? Slushies remind me of childhood and this slush does the same. This strawberry and apple slush are so diabetes-friendly that most people don’t need the artificial sweetener in it. Well, it depends upon your taste and the level of sweetness in your apples.

How to make it?

Peel and chop the apple (one apple), add in a blender along with strawberry (one cup) and the artificial sweetener of your choice. Add some vanilla or strawberry flavor to add the oomph in your drink. Now fill 1/4rth of glass with crushed ice and top it with the smoothie you just made.

Enjoy the drink guilt free!

11. Coconut Water

This one is from nature’s open restaurant! You just buy it or if you are lucky, then pluck it from a tree and cut the upper end. Insert the straw and enjoy. The coconut water is one of the best drink for diabetes, it is quite refreshing, full of electrolytes and quite low in calories. Beware of falling coconuts!


12. Summer Seasonal Savoury Drink

This one is a blend of your favorite summer veggies and fruits. The veggies like carrots and cucumber are good to make the base of a fresh summer drink. Cucumber is high in water content and is easily digestible due to the presence of roughage in it.

How to make it?

Take a blender or smoothies maker, add 2-3 carrots, 1 cucumber, a few pineapple slices, any citrus fruit from orange family along with your favorite herbs like mint, coriander, cilantro etc. Blend them till smooth, add some fresh soda or ice as per your choice. Enjoy this cooler with a straw!


13. Chia Fresca

chia drink for diabetics

This one is a strange drink but will keep you hydrated for sure. The whole credit for this drink goes to Angela from ohsheglows, if you are up for some weird looking jelly drink then chia seeds can become your best friends.

How to make it?

Simplest drink ever! Just add 1 tablespoon chia Seeds in chilled water and squeeze one lemon in it. Add some stevia tablets or leaves as per your choice. Let it sit for 10 minutes, the chia seeds will swell up and have a gel-like coating on them. This will prevent them from sticking inside your throat.

Just gulp them down and think and think some more! Do you like it or you hate it?


14. Badam/Almond Milk

The good old badam milk is still the best as well as the most royal drink for Indians. Thankfully diabetics can have low-fat milk without any hesitation. So bring it on!

How to make it?

Soak about 7 almonds overnight in water, peel them the next day and crush with a mortar pestle. Add the almonds in a blender along with some ice-cubes, pistachios, and chilled low-fat milk. Give it a good churn, add a few drops of kewra essence (vanilla will do but kewra goes best with it), add the artificial sweetener as per your taste and churn it once more. Now pour it into a glass and enjoy! 

P.S – saffron has the unmatching aroma and health benefits so if you use that in your almond milk, it will take the drink on another level with a golden hue and blissful aroma!


15. Cold-coffee

Recent studies have proven that coffee can prevent diabetes but unfortunately it is not very effective for treating it. Still, the good news is, that it’s not bad either. You can have one cup of iced-frothy-heavenly coffee without being guilty!

How to make it?

Everyone has their own signature coffee style, we are stating a common one here. Take a blender, add ice-cubes, a splash of milk, stevia tablets and 1 heaped teaspoon of your favorite coffee. Give it a good churn so that the milk becomes frothy, pour it in your favorite glass and enjoy this heart health friendly, full of antioxidants drink!

A tip for every Diabetic – Think Positive, maintain your dietary control, grab a sweet once in a while but most importantly, never give up!

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