Amazing Health Benefits of Chia Seeds : For Better Health, Skin & Weight loss

Chia seeds in a wooden spoon

Chia Seeds offer Great Health Benefits & are good for Skin too

Salvia Hispanica or Chia seeds are the talks of the town these days. If you are still confused about whether they deserve a portion in your daily diet or not then this article is for you. 

This article talks about the health benefits of chia seeds, how to eat them, chia seeds for skin, health, and the recipes for chia seeds. Let’s dive into the world of these tiny grains of goodness!


What Nutrients do Chia Seeds have?

chia seeds in a wooden bowl offer great health benefits
chia seeds in a wood bowl

Chia seeds have a good amount of Omega 3 fatty acids, protein, dietary fiber (34.4 gm per 100 gms), antioxidants, and important minerals like calcium, zinc, potassium, etc along with an important vitamin that’s vitamin B-complex. They are all needed for beautiful skin, good health, and shiny hair


If you want to know all the good names that you are never going to remember then it also has chlorogenic acid, caffeic acid, myricetin, quercetin, kaempferol, etc. 


How to Eat Chia Seeds?

chia drink for diabetics

Only one serving of chia seeds is advised in the beginning to see how your body reacts to it. One serving contains 2 tablespoons of unsoaked chia seeds. It’s important to never take them unsoaked, just take two tablespoons of chia seeds then Soak them in water or any liquid for about 30 minutes. You can even soak them overnight with your oats. For recipe ideas about chia seeds, scroll down below.


Chia Seeds become 12 times their size when they get soaked!


Health Benefits of Chia Seeds

  • Good for Heart Health – The good nutrients in chia seeds such as alpha-linolenic acid, antioxidants, chlorogenic acid, etc all contribute to great heart health. They are known to reduce high blood pressure as well. Chia seeds reduce cholesterol too. 
  • Good Bone Health – If your digestive health is good, bone health will improve automatically. Also, they are rich in calcium which is the best food for strong bones. 
  • Blood Sugar Control – Any food that is rich in fiber, and is good for the digestive system will be great for diabetics too and chia seeds are no exception. If you are diabetic, we have a plethora of articles about diabetes, our most popular one is the best home remedies for diabetes that are better than insulin
  • Anticarcinogenic – As per the latest research, chia seeds also have anti-cancer agents. The antioxidant properties also make it an excellent immunity booster. Isn’t it a good reason to start having chia seeds in our diet?
  • Hepatic Protective – These tiny grey-black seeds are good for the liver and protect it from any liver infections as well (source).
  • Good for Digestion – Other than being high in fiber, a study proves that chia seeds increase the health of the gut by increasing the size of gut flora. 
  • Good for Anemia Treatment – As it indirectly helps in the absorption of iron and zinc. Then it should be used in the diet for those who are suffering from iron deficiency anemia or those who have difficulty in iron absorption (source). 

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Benefits of Chia Seeds For Skin 

Chia Seeds in a bowl and a scoop
Chia Seeds are Rich in Omega-3
  • Antioxidants are good for skin especially when you are in your 30s as they prevent oxidative damage and the early signs of aging such as skin sagging, fine lines, and dullness. Read – Best Skincare in the 30s
  • Caffeic acid present in chia seeds is great for reducing skin inflammation. That means it reduces acne, any rashes, redness, etc on the skin. 
  • If you have sensitive skin or acne then read this – Home Remedies for Acne

Chia Seed For Weight Loss


Yes, Chia seeds help in weight loss and not just that it reduces any kind of swelling or inflammation that occurs in your body because of fat tissues. 

The study proves that chia seeds are in 3:1 in the case of omega3 and omega6 fatty acids. This unique ratio of omegas makes it a superfood that helps in fat reduction and even stops the new fat addition in your body. Isn’t this the food from heaven? (Source)

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Benefits of Chia Seeds for Women 

white, grey, black chia seeds closeup
Chia Seeds Balance Hormones Too!

Omega-3 is an estrogen-boosting agent along with moderate exercise (source). So if you are facing adult acne, PCOS or other hormonal imbalance disorders then having chia seeds will help you. I highly recommend Shatavari for women for the best treatment of hormonal disorders. 

Side-effects of Chia Seeds 

  • High in calories – Chia seeds are high in calories. So you need to go easy on them as it contains 486 calories per 100 gms (source). Just take about 30 gms that is 2 teaspoons a day and there will be about 145 calories.
  • Can cause constipation – when consumed in large amounts and not enough water is consumed along with it then it can constipation as well. 
  • Avoid taking it with turmeric – As the curcumin present in chia seeds doesn’t allow the chia seeds oil to release and decreases its efficacy by up to 44% (source). You must avoid taking it in your curries in which you have added turmeric (a very Indian spice that goes in almost every curry)!

Chia Seeds Recipes

Chia Seed Pudding with mango in a glass
Chia seed pudding is a great breakfast with your favorite fruits
  1. Chia Bread – Chia seeds powder is added to the whole wheat bread to increase its overall fortification. And the taste is actually good, just the addition of chia seeds powder makes the bread a bit darker than usual (source). Try our eggless banana bread recipe!
  2. Chia Pudding or Cereal Bowl – A chia pudding is just milk and chia seeds set in the refrigerator overnight. If you mix some choco-chips or any other cereals in it then it can make up for a healthy breakfast for you. To make a chia pudding you just need to add 1 cup of milk and two teaspoons of chia seeds. Let them set in the fridge for a few hours or overnight, top it up with your favorite fruit/maple syrup/honey/cereals of your choice, and enjoy!
  3. As Sprinkles – Chia seeds can be used as toppings on fresh bowls to add some crunch but I highly recommend NOT doing so! As they can stick to your throat and can cause problems. Use flaxseeds as toppings or the soaked chia seeds only. 
  4. Chia Drink – Just let the chair seeds sit in water and have this sugar-free drink, known as chia Fresca! Here is many other non-alcoholic diabetes-friendly drinks recipe.

Chia Pet Fun at Home 

Well, I am sorry I couldn’t leave this part. Pinterest is full of the chia pets videos and this is super easy to grow. You just need to add some chia seeds in a clay or terracotta utensil or in just the soil in a small planter. Spray water every day and you will see how beautifully the chia seeds will grow into lush greens. They are super easy to maintain and look great on your coffee table and on the work desk.

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It’s good if you can add chia seeds to your daily routine but if you don’t like them then it doesn’t mean that you are going to miss something. You can eat various other good foods such as walnuts, flaxseeds, watermelon seeds, sunflower seeds, and tofu to stay young and reap all the benefits of an antioxidant. 

FAQs About Chia Seeds

Question. What happens if I eat Chia Seeds every day?

Answer. You will have healthier-looking skin and hair. Your hormones will be in check and you will have ample energy if you eat chia seeds every day. 

Question. Can chia seeds reduce belly fat?

Answer. Chia seeds can help reduce belly fat only if you take other measures to reduce fat such as eating mindfully and exercising. However, chia seeds are not magic weight loss food, they can decrease your belly fat only by making you feel full for longer and by having a high fiber content in them. 

Question. In how many ways can I eat Chia seeds?

Answer – To eat chia seeds, you can add them to your cereal bowl. In overnight oats, make chia bread and simply a chia water drink. 

Question. Who should not eat chia seeds?

Answer. Those who are on a strict calorie count can ditch chia seeds, or those who have any digestion issues should ask their doctor before taking chia seeds. 

Question. What is the best time to eat Chia seeds?

Answer. The best time to eat chia seeds is mornings with your breakfast cereal or in a chia seed drink. It will make you feel satiated for longer and you will be able to digest it properly as well. Taking it as a mid-morning snack will surely increase the short-term satiety rate (source).

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Chia seeds in overnight oats with fruits in a jar
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