Women experience skin issues and Men start shedding hair, this is what entering in 30s mean! Thus Skincare in your 30s is a mandatory thing to keep looking younger than your age. 

Turning 30 is a challenging phase for every human being and women are more sensitive towards it. We feel as if we have passed the stage of being chirpy, young, silly and we need to take life more seriously now. To make things worse, we start feeling like we have aged overnight, or are running in full speed towards that easy-chair.

If you are also feeling the same, then this article is for you! To get things started, this is the perfect time to prevent wrinkles and those age spots such as fine lines, crows feet, blemishes etc. Your skin is still young and just need the right care to be the same forever. After all you are in your 30s now, you must take very good care of your skin to stay and look younger than your age. Let’s dive in with 20 ways to keep your skin younger forever!

Skin is the largest external organ of our body (isn’t it interesting!). It is our ultimate body suit and we must take very good care of it to keep it beautiful forever. Here are the ultimate skin care tips for women in their 30s, that will keep them the way they are, beautiful –


1. Vitamin A, B, C & E

These vitamins are essential to prevent fine lines, wrinkles and to keep that glow restored. The best option is to have them by natural resources like spinach, carrot, green leafy vegetables, almonds, citrus fruits and nuts. You can switch to supplements as well but they are not as good as the natural sources.

Retinoid creams are not the thing for everyone as they are avoided during pregnancy & breastfeeding as they can cause fetal abnormalities.  So why not stay away from it always. Switch to natural vitamin A sources such as carrot juice, spinach and tomato soup and hey a tomato facial! Papaya for acne, antioxidant rich fruits and don’t forget our much loved Amla and it’s huge benefits.


2. Anti-aging cream

The best time to apply an anti-aging cream is when you are still young!

The anti-aging creams boost collagen in your skin which provides elasticity to it as well as hydrate it. Use it in your daily routine religiously and forget about the fine lines, wrinkles and blemishes.

If you want a herbal anti-aging product which is in budget too, then we personally recommend lotus herbal youth Rx anti-aging cream. The ginseng and the Ayurveda herbs in it boost collagen and prevent the skin from wrinkling thus providing you the best skincare in your 30s. This is not heavy on oily skin and prevents pimples and acne too. Enriched with SPF that doubles the work as a sunscreen too. A must buy (you can buy it from amazon by clicking the image below


3. Night cream/Vitamin E for best skincare in your 30s

Night is the best time for the skin to rejuvenate. Why not provide something to help it in that process and you get up looking even more beautiful. Night creams are enriched with vitamin E and we strongly recommend you to choose one for your daily skincare routine. Vitamin E can double for your night cream, this one is a budget option. As you just need to cut open a vitamin E capsule, squeeze the vitamin E serum out and massage it over your face and hit the bed!


4. Sunscreen

UVA rays are ‘stealth agers’ as per Huffpost as they are the main culprits to age you, even your computer screen! Grab the details here. Just apply the sunscreen 15-20 minutes before stepping out so tat it gets absorbed in your skin and prevents the melanin formation. Use the sunscreen liberally over your face, hands, feet and other areas.

beauty mistakes that are aging you

Use hat or scarves too as they provide protection to the eyes and scalp.  Choose a sunscreen with an SPF of more than 30, although it depends upon the level of sun exposure as well as the weather conditions in your area. Remember sunscreen is your first anti-aging friend, don’t skip it while stepping out.



5. CTM routine

Cleansing, Toning and Moisturizing are the basic steps of the best skin care routine in your 30s. Cleaning your face with a gentle cleanser, then toning it up with a natural toner (rose water works best) and followed by a moisturizer (whether it is an anti-aging cream or aloe vera gel for oily skin).

These three simple steps will keep your skin toned up, pores closed and a healthy glow. Also, don’t forget to clean your makeup before bedtime, read 10 beauty mistakes that are aging you to know more about such sins you must not commit.  


6. Vitamin C serum for your royal self

You need a serum only if you have any skin condition as per Nykaa skin experts but vitamin C is a boon for oily skin. As it is very tricky to choose a moisturizer and anti-aging cream for oily and acne-prone skin, vitamin C comes to the rescue.

Although it is quite expensive but it removes the pigmentation, improves the complexion and reverses aging. As every skin responds in a different way, so we suggest you to buy a small bottle of serum first. If that suits you then go for the bigger bottle. Indeed vitamin C serum is a blessing for oily skin. Here is our best recommended ones:



7. Adult-acne is the new normal and those teenage remedies won’t work

Adult-acne starts in your 30s, they occur as a result of hormonal changes and stress. Most females rush for the teenage remedies such as over the counter acne ointment or home-remedies like toothpaste and aloe vera gel. The results will not be as satisfactory as they should be.

As the adult acne is hormonal and needs a perfect balance to get treated from within. Yoga, pranayama, good water consumption, meditation, blood-purifier and amla powder/amla juice (the immortal fruit in ayurveda) will be your life-savers here.


8. Choose Organic over chemical


skin care -female hygiene habits

This is the time when we choose our best skin-care products and stick to them for at least a decade. So choose them carefully, don’t invest in a chemical based product, rather opt for a herbal or an organic product.

This will help you in the long run. As the chemical absorption in your skin will be negligible and it will save you from lots of skin and systemic diseases in future. So choose vegan, organic or herbal, there are so many options and they don’t burn a hole in your handbag too!


9. Facial once a month

Don’t procrastinate! Even if you think that you don’t need this or don’t have time for this, facial once a month will shed the age off your skin. All you need is a visit to your beauty parlor and just one hour time. Don’t want to spend on the facial? We have got a solution for it, just buy these Facial Kit by lotus and be your own beauty expert. You just need to go step by step mentioned on the pack and have a good night sleep. Some facial massage strokes will work wonders on your skin. Just stay tuned for our next article on the same and tap the notification bell! Get to know about buccal massage to get effects like a face lift here.

buccal massage


10. Exfoliate once a week

Exfoliation is the best way to remove the dead cells and let your skin breathe. Exfoliating at night is a good idea as this will give a rest-time to your skin for rejuvenation. Just make sure you clean your face before using the exfoliating scrub and apply a face pack (we are in love with no mess sheet packs by Garnier at just INR 99) after that. As the face pack will close the open pores and nourishes your skin from within. (You can buy it by clicking the image)


Moisturize with your night cream after that and have a good night sleep, so that you wake up with a beautiful skin the next morning. Do it every weekend to relax and get ready for the coming week. For your body scrub, we swear by our DIY wonder scrub that will help treat the blemishes, uneven skin tone and lightens the stretch marks considerably.

11. Lip scrub

You need a lip scrub even when you think you don’t. With time, the lips turn darker and the dead skin starts creating wrinkles on your lips. This leads to uneven application of the lipstick and overall darker color of your lips.

We love Priyanka Chopra’s DIY lip scrub for this purpose. Just rub it in small circles for two minutes and wipe clean it afterwards. Followed by a good lip balm (simple Vaseline works wonders). Don’t forget to apply Vaseline or lip balm before sleeping for moisturized pink lips.


12. Not just face

You are not just your face but body too. Don’t ignore your neck as far as the anti aging creams, scrub, toning and moisturization are concerned. Just go deeper than the neck, pay attention to elbows, knees and other hidden areas too. Moisturize your hands, always!

beauty mistakes that age you


13. Eye cream

Baggy eyes, crow’s feet and dark circles around the eyes are some of the most common problems for the skincare in your 30s routine. To prevent these from getting permanent, take good amount of sleep, use green tea bags on your eyes to relax them, cucumber slices work well too. Also invest in a good eye cream or roll on and make sure you use it religiously.


14. Short showers

Long hot showers make your skin dry and long cold showers make it wrinkled. So the best bet is, short lukewarm water showers. You will save a lot of time and water too. Friends famed Jennifer Aniston’s 5 minute shower is one of the most talked about showers.

Add some essential oils in your last rinse or in your whole bath if you use bucket & mug bath. Essential oils work great to soothe your senses and have many amazing benefits too. Read benefits of essential oil for your hair here.



15. Stress free me time

Sometimes we don’t realize that we are not taking out some time for ourselves. Be it sitting with a cup of joe or reading a book, you need some ‘me-time’ and you must grab it. It reduces the daily stress and energizes you for the day to come. Read this for amazing ideas for your me-time.    


16. Sleep sleep baby

Beauty sleep is real and you must not skip it. Take a good 6 to 8 hours sleep. Make sure your mattress is firm and your pillow is soft enough to relax your neck. Satin pillows are best to prevent wrinkles. Enjoy your beauty sleep and get up with relaxed skin and mind each morning.  


17. Water water & some more water!

Water is the best way to detoxify your body. Drink 8 to 10 glasses of water everyday to flush-out the toxins. You can also make it herbal by adding a few mint leaves and some lemon slices to it. We recommend glass water bottles over the plastic ones. There are pretty beautiful designs available in glass water bottles too. Take it as a very essential part of your anti-aging skin care routine.




18. Grow old gracefully

We are discussing skincare in your 30s but time has its effect on every human being. Some maintain themselves better, some fail to do so due to some circumstantial or health issues. No matter what you do, remember to grow old gracefully.

You can’t stop the age and stop fretting about it. Accept it and behave, dress and maintain yourself as per your age. Nothing looks more beautiful on a woman than Grace!


19. Lifestyle Modifications

You must have devoured on fast-food and sugary drinks throughout all these years. You may have been a couch potato too but this is the time to change your lifestyle for good. Make it a bit healthier by having a healthy balanced diet, shedding those extra kilos, going for a walk, exercises a bit and more importantly staying positive. As happy people are the most beautiful people!


20. Pranayama & Yoga to regulate your hormones

You are on a roller-coaster ride with your hormones, you need something to regulate your estrogen, progesterone levels to stay healthy in this reproductive age. The Kapalbhati pranayama and the surya namaskar yoga practice are perfect for beginners.

They will keep your hormones flowing, body flexible and organs healthy. Know more about Kapalbhaati Pranayama in this article.

By following these 20 rules in your life, you will have a beautiful skin and amazing health. Don’t forget that skincare in your 30s is something you must not skip. Good habits once cultivated, make you a better version of yourself.

Say hello to young skin and say goodbye to wrinkles!

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