Green tea is on its embarking journey of becoming one of the most loved beverages in the world, be it the good old green tea, green tea shots, green tea facial or even the macha ice-creams. Green tea is ruling the world of health and beauty. Now, the question arises, ‘is green tea good for you?’, The answer is ‘Yes it is!’, it is not just the hype, green tea actually works!

A recent study done by the British Heart Foundation published in the Journal of biological chemistry concludes that the green tea molecules can actually save you from the heart attacks. Now, it is becoming a necessity to have green tea, I wish it would have tasted more like coffee!

The green tea has become the queen of all the teas and we are armed with all the evidence to prove it. Let’s see what benefits the green tea queen beholds;

1. Saves you from a heart attack

As per the British Heart Foundation, the molecules present in green tea eat the harmful protein deposits in our blood vessels thus making the blood flow smoothly and effortlessly.  As this plaque/deposit is the main culprit of the atherosclerosis disease. If this deposit remains as it is then they hinder the blood flow and increase the blood pressure. Which increases the risk of heart attack.

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2. Green tea Prevents Stroke

Stroke can be very debilitating and can paralyze someone for life. Fortunately, the stroke can be prevented by this God-send beverage green tea. The reason behind this is again its property of cleansing the blood vessels while swiping out the fat or protein build-up.

3. Green tea is a magic potion for your skin

Your skin can’t be happier if you are having green tea. The anti-oxidants present in the green tea flush-out the toxins from the skin thus making it glow and can stop the wrinkles and pimples. So include green tea in your daily routine, just once a day will do.

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4. Miraculous acne fighter

If you have always been on the bumpy road, then you must know how we acne-sufferers can give anything to everything to get rid of the acne. Thankfully, we just need to sip one cup of green tea a day (thrice a week will also be fine for the beginners). The effects of green tea are so evident in clearing acne that there are many green tea based acne-clearing brands and regimes in the market but we are biased for Plum skincare range (it’s vegan and cruelty-free). You will not get the acne scars anymore and forget about the pimples. Click on the image below to buy this special green tea range(face-wash, toner, moisturizer, mask, and a free kit!)and take the first step towards a clear and beautiful skin.

5. Green tea prevents aging

The green tea is really good that we can’t get over its effects and this one is what all of us need. The EGCG (Epigallocatechin Gallate) present in green tea reduces the free-radicals (they promote aging) and prevents the cells from damage.

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6. Green tea is the new office coffee

Yes, green tea also has caffeine! It doesn’t taste as good as our regular cup of joe but it really helps in keeping us alert and acts as a stimulant too. This one is the productivity booster too. Not just that, it also has L-theanine, which helps in producing the calming, anti-anxiety effects. So it has another advantage over coffee. It gives you a more decent alertness that is free from anxiety. So thinking about it?

7. Did you say weight-loss?

Yes, I did. Green tea has this huge benefit on our body, it helps in weight reduction. Green tea increases the metabolic rate of the body thus making the fat burning process faster than before. This helps in reducing the weight faster and losing the inches too.

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8. Improves Diabetes Control

This one makes our lovely green tea a super-drink. The research published in NCBI states that the molecules present in green tea help in increasing the insulin sensitivity and glucose tolerance in a human body. That means that green tea keeps your sugar levels in check and also alleviates the problems associated with unstable glucose levels.

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Things to Consider to avail the maximum benefits of green tea

  1. Take the green tea in moderation – once a day will be more than enough. You can start with thrice a week routine.
  2. Make the taste more palatable by adding lemon and honey to it. There are many more flavors available in the market such as ginger, tulsi or turmeric.
  3. Keep the used green tea bags on your eyes and relax for a while. This will calm the eyes muscles and also helps in decreasing those dark circles and puffy eyes.
  4. Don’t drink more than once or twice a day. The balance is important. Excess of anything can harm you.

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