How to Organize Snack Cabinet without Pantry : Easy DIY Organization Idea

Organized snack cabinet

This is again that time of the year when we all want to cozy up in our quilts and munch on the tasty snacks that are the winter staples. At this point, our snack cupboards or snack drawers are overflowing with these munchies and you need to hunt for that particular snack you want every time. This is high time you organize your snack cabinet once and for all!

As we Indians love to eat the chikkis (dry fruits rolled in sugar or jaggery syrup to make a crunchy bar), raveri (coin-sized sweets made of jaggery and sesame seeds), gur ki gajjak (jaggery and peanut bar) and roasted peanuts during the winters. Read this article about what interesting things Indian do in winters to cozy up their homes.

Organizing your snack cupboard is the best idea to categorize each snack and put it in the right place each time you shop for more. I have organized our snack cupboard with baskets and the labels that I made with a cardboard box and some sticky labels. It turned out pretty well as we don’t have a dedicated pantry for it, so for those who want to organize a snack cabinet without a pantry, this is a really great idea!

Material Required to Organize Snack Cabinet

  • Baskets (preferably bamboo or wicker baskets)
  • Cardboard box to cut for labels
  • A pair of scissors
  • Sticky labels 
  • Sketch Pens to Write 
  • Lots of Snacks to fill in the baskets 
  • Double-tape or string to tie 

How to Organize a Snack Cabinet

Here are the simple steps to organize the cupboard with shelves for snacks.

  • Take all the stuff out – As I am a Marie Kondo Fan, I believe in taking out all the stuff in one go and then sorting it out.
  • Declutter – First of all, keep only those snacks that are still packed, have not expired, and are good to eat. Discard those that have passed the expiry date or are stale or have lost their crunch and freshness, as you are not going to eat them anyway. 
  • Categorize – Now categorize them as per the snacks you buy such as one basket for biscuits/cookies, another for munchies (chips, bars, gajjak, etc), another one for India’s favorite bhujias, and so on. 
  • Add Baskets – Keep one basket on one shelf for easy access. You can change it as per the size of your cupboard shelves. I couldn’t find any wicker baskets at my local store so I organized my cabinet with the plastic ones that I already had.
  • Make Labels – I created these labels by cutting the flap of a cardboard box. I bet you have many of these boxes from your online shopping spree. The label-making process is given in detail below.
  • Write the category name on the label and put everything in the designated basket. 
  • You will never have to hunt for your particular snack now!

How to Make DIY Labels for Cabinet Organization

labels kept on a golden background with a black sketch pen

  • Take the flap of a cardboard box and cut it into the shape you like, I have cut small rectangles.
  • Then apply the sticky labels on it, if you don’t have sticky labels then you can simply cut a piece of paper in the same shape as the cardboard flap and apply the quick fix gum behind it and paste it on the cardboard.
  • Now, write the category name such as biscuits, munchies, and so on. I have added the Hindi touch to my labels as well (see image). 
  • You can either punch a hole in it and tie it to the basket with a thread or you can simply stick it with a double-tape. I chose the double tape option. 
  • And Ta..Da…Your well-organized, pretty-looking snack cupboard is ready. Now you can show it to your family and make sure they understand the value of labels!
  • Giving an instruction to put things in their designated baskets goes a long way. Try it and you will be surprised how easy it is to keep it this way always. 

How to Maintain this Organized Snack Cabinet Forever

Just take out each basket once a month, sort the ingredients, and put them back. You can do this before going shopping so that you won’t buy something you already have. 

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